Those reports accurately explain what the future of Planet Earth will be with details about global warming, resulting in floods, droughts, melting glaciers and icecaps and rising sea level. The media have treated this subject with great profusion making headlines like: “humanity is about to end?” or “Can we still save the Earth?”. A really important aspect of UN reports last year regarding the weather is the fact that at last we can say that the problem of global warming is caused by humans. From that moment it seems that politicians have created, even some think they can not keep doing things as usual.

However, the ordinary people most often do not grasp the scale of the situation we find ourselves really. It is possible that science has not yet uncovered everything you know about climate change, perhaps the politicians want to protect us from what we would produce a shock, however this is a wrong decision, because with being uninformed also prevents taken the right steps.

On the 21st of January we published a new study of climate and some European newspapers echoed the Baltic Sea will become a bath. Scientists have discovered that the sea has warmed in a special way. Until 2100 is expected to rise 4 degrees Celsius in sea temperature and a rise of six degrees of air temperature. Five degrees is a big difference because it represents the difference between a glacial period and a time of warmer temperatures. And if the average ambient temperature increases by 5 degrees will have an extremely hot climate. At the end of January, in the city of Lubeck researchers met again to prepare the next report on the climate. Simultaneously, the Red Cross published a study explaining that in the past 29 years, natural catastrophes has doubled. Today, one could say that each year there are 400 natural disasters.