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Glazing Balconies

Every day more and more popular among domestic consumers gaining aluminum design mark Provedal. It is no coincidence, because the advantages of this material, as stated on the face. Unlike plastic, which has relatively wide profile, aluminum construction promotes penetration into the room much more light, which is important for the overall interior design. Manufacturer Provedal while not particularly practiced with variety of colors designs. So if you do decide to depart from the standards and glaze loggia designs are not white, for this purpose is ideal plastic Rehau and Kbe, which is represented in the market several colors. Typically, a balcony is in our apartments have a small area, and opening doors as if visually reduce the already small space.

In this case, aluminum again turns out to be on top! Company Provedal and here is our attention, sliding doors on special rollers, opening to the side. In addition, similar designs are excluded from entering the balcony of dust and dirt and have low weight, which can easily withstand any balcony. When used in a glazing structure of aluminum, eventually you will get a perfect gazebo with a temperature of seven degrees above the street. Certainly, Plastic also has its advantages, but compared to aluminum, they seem not so significant, as deficiencies can be found much more. The disadvantages of Rehau and Kbe include a lot of weight designs themselves, with respect to poor moisture and Dust dry and extreme instability in severe Russian climate is very often at -35 box begins to warp and turn out. The main advantages of plastic can provide the ability to perfectly keep the temperature in the cold season. In this article, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum and plastic designs for glass loggias. We do not in any way trying to impose on you their opinion on the choice of a particular material, we simply provide your account reliable information upon which you yourself may draw conclusions

Building Repairs

Of course, replacement of worn out pipes, valves and radiators needed. Coupled with the thermal insulation of the building allows it to eliminate heat loss. However, reducing the heat in the house to ensure a reduction of heat, but only lead to an increase in air temperature in living quarters. And, as a rule, excessive. Thus, no increase Energy utilities are not happening.

Living in the same apartment buildings instead of one problem get another. After all, manage home microclimate they can only be one way – opening the window and "warming" the street. At the same time heat meters, which are installed in every home will soon be mandatory, not register a save heat, but on the contrary, the growth of its consumption. The key to solving this problem with two unknowns is concluded in just two words: regulation and accounting. "The inhabitants of each town house and every apartment should be able to control their heat consumption, receiving a direct financial benefit from its reduction and self-defining comfort temperature levels of indoor air – says Pavel , deputy ceo of Danfoss (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating buildings) in the interaction with public authorities and administration and a member of the Expert Council on Housing for construction committee of the Duma. – Only in this case energy efficiency of housing abstract categories becomes a real prospect. " A clear demonstration of this is the experience of some Nordic countries, where energy efficiency has long become a national idea.