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Lighting Up Your Bedroom

At night it lights the lower level gives bedroom mystique, gives the necessary light and does not strain your eyes. A very important point for the bedroom is well ventilated. For a good rest and sound sleep the presence of fresh air is very important, especially in Daylight Saving Time. If the bedroom has several windows that overlook the opposite side – this bedroom can be considered ideal in terms of natural ventilation. If the layout of your bedroom does not provide multiple windows – we recommend you think carefully ventilation and air conditioning in your bedroom which would always be fresh and ventilated.

Of course, the interior of the bedroom depends on room size and proportions. If you plan to do in the bedroom only room for rest and sleep – is your task to choose a comfortable bed, think of a place for dressing rooms, to determine the color scheme, decoration materials and accessories. For those who planiuret do in the bedroom office, small gym or library – you should think twice zoning and layout of the room. If your room is not very big, designers, discussing the design of bedrooms, recommended to resort to the built-in furniture, which is on one side will be fully functional, on the other – will not overload the design room. Just different zones of the room well separated from each other by means of: gypsum or glass partitions bilateral butter color (to help visually-intuitive to allocate different functional areas), what else can do the multifunction room is not cluttered furniture? Thus, we can make a small dressing room instead of a bulky cabinet of flesh, set a comfortable and stylish wall above his bed, where to place your library, the bed can be set on a podium with drawers

Bedroom Upgrade

You decide to upgrade your bedroom? So where do I start? And let's try to choose the right bedding! Proper pillow. If in the morning you have a headache, then you bought the pillow, which did not suit you. Cushion must be chosen individually. Someone who likes to sleep on your back, someone on my stomach or side. Depends on this choice of filler cushions. If you sleep on your back or stomach, then you should choose a down pillow, if on one side – Try Perov. Feather pillows softer than feather, feather but better support the head.

Also note the size of pillows. It should not hang over the edges of your bed, and on the pillow standard size it will be easier pick up a beautiful bed linen. Proper blanket. Blankets are different: feather, cotton, stuffed with wool. We advise you to buy down comforters. Do duvets have their advantages: they are light, well maintain heat, with the right sewing feathers evenly distributed across the surface of blankets and not break in one direction.

Bedding made from artificial materials. Many people think that if a person is allergic to house dust, he would have to buy bedding with artificial fillers. We disprove this misconception. With proper handling feather products serve you well for many years without causing allergy.

Interior Design SPA Interior

Design-project areas – allows you to clearly explain to workers what is required of them, which in turn will accelerate the understanding and the process works in general, since it contains all the necessary documentation. Interior Design Apartments – aims to achieve comfort, because the room in which we live, must be not only beautiful but also convenient. Interior design cottage – helps to create not only comfort in his country house, but add to it elegance and consistency of style. Choosing the latter, as a rule, determines the direction of design. The design of the restaurant – gives an opportunity to clearly realize the ideas of creative design in order to create the necessary atmosphere of the restaurant hall and remembered by visitors to their uniqueness. Interior design shop – always able to prove himself as a store and brand as a trusted retailer or manufacturer of the or other products. Indeed, in the minds of consumers shop, made under the exclusive copyright design, will always be a priority compared with other similar products on him. The interior design of the bank – meant to create atmosphere of security and solidity of the institution at which customers would be coming, and with the help of directional style of design to make it clear what principles to the bank.

Interior design business center – helps translate original architectural interior solutions, which in turn accentuate class business center and increase the price of rent, because in this business center will strive to take place under the office only lead companies that care about their image. Interior design cafe or bar – will always be able to give the visitors a comfortable atmosphere and comfort, which is always nice to not only eat but also to spend an evening with friends. Design interior design beauty salon – to be developed so that, being the first minute in such an institution at the visitor evolved a clear conviction that he will get it, why he came here. Office interior design – as well as the interior design of the bank intends to highlight the status and respectability of the company, as well as have the tone and color of the walls, ceilings and furniture that will support the work atmosphere. Interior design boutique – designed to emphasize the expensive, high-quality brand products that are sold in the boutique. Typically, such a design is created using the company colors and tones of this brand or trademark. Interior design and massage salon Interior Design SPA-salon-designed to create an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation (relaxation) to the person who came into this room, want to stay in it not for one hour. Interior Design Entertainment Center – can be very versatile. Much will depend on what entertainment there will be, but in any case, he interior should be really interesting and memorable.

Decorating The Aquarium As A Hobby

Decorating water microcosm must be made with the methodical development of the project. In other words, we must deal with the design of the landscape, bearing in mind that each variety of projects will have an impact on selection of favorites. It should therefore be make a choice, which for me is more important: the fish, or the design process. In particular, if you plan to grow the cichlid or piranhas who make slightly acidic environment, it will not be able to build a design 'banks' in the ocean Plan to stologtitami, they will produce alkaline water. At the end of the design composition need to purchase a unit decoration, for example, the illustration on the back glass for a water tank, cave, natural stones, lighting, plastic decorations, colorful design details. Nevertheless, considering the intricacies of options decor artificial reservoir is necessary to analyze not only their appearance, but aside from the whole and how will be difficult for such objects to look after. After all, even a very great song, but not accurately selected, instantly transformed to a miserable similarity.

When the selected components of the interior, it is necessary prepare for work. If the aquarium is located near the corner of the apartment, first fix the background, and then placed the device, the heater. After that, the tank must be placed at the site provided. The third step compositing 'banks' is falling asleep stones. Always before this step is required to install vital equipment, for example, the bottom filter.

It is important to note that looks nice drum layer stacked mounds or angle from the front window to the rear, increasing the thickness of the reservoir. Normal floor height is 5.4 inches in the rear and 2-3 cm in front. Required to take into account the "strength" of sex, the fact that, if not previously construct protective facilities, immediately distributed the same level. Great solution decor capacity simply add to the acquisition of natural objects. Seating grottos require several variations. Or set stones, and then fill or add water, and then add grottoes. The first option allows you to carefully pile up compositional decisions, but when you add water, they can get. 2 reception will probably be accompanied by difficulty in placing the stones, and work in the tank would be monotonic, and the resulting objects will be placed in the required areas. Need to get some time, any system reservoir functioned throughout the day. If the fish are fragile, their introduction into the reservoir should be carried out in parts.