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Pure Citizen

Therefore, we can, exempt of the most vile hypothesis of mistake, to declare that, for Schopenhauer, the beauty does not depend only on the exposition of the Idea in the art, but also in the adequate way of exposition of this same Idea. Soon, if the beauty is identified all with the arquetpicas forms of and any particular phenomenon; Express idea in way adjusted in the art in judgment; for its turn, feira nothing more is seno this same express idea in inadequate way, that is, the way and medias aesthetic knowledge saw art to it is not in compliance with 33 the qualitative nature of the Idea of Will that if wants to communicate. Of the Conscience Of the Pure Citizen Of Conhecer In compliance with the content here considered it appears, me as evident that we would not be in ownership of the reason in case that we pronounced the existence of the conscience only in the man while individual. This if must to the fact of that, in my opinion and I indeed thus believe to ponder Schopenhauer the pure citizen of knowing possesss, as much when the individual cognoscente, a world as Representation, that is, a world that appears for the citizen as object of pure aesthetic intuition; be-object-for-a-citizen is, before any thing, a be-object-for-a-citizen-conscientious one. Soon, it is not another occurrence seno of be-object-the-a-conscience. So that it has notion of the object intudo is necessary a conscience that apprehends this object it affirms and it as such. In this way, what it differs the individual from the citizen is not the occurrence of the conscience in this last one, but the way differentiated of if having conscience of world the same conscience of the world as general representation, or still, Idea; conscience of the world as particular representation, that is, thing, what drift of the reason principles and 34 individuation .

The First

The world seemed to have motionless per some seconds. A girl did not move the shining eyes nor dared to blink with fear that disappeared: small men who went and came for the beams, good, a little more than what small, he could himself be said. Creusalinda was bewitched, badly believed what it saw. He was fabuloso and uncommon! She continued lying, did not want to scare them, therefore it was not dared to move or to emit any sound, even breathed possible the least; it had entered in one settles of contentment. However, Creusalinda did not notice that it observed somebody it of its headboard, above of its pillow, imperceptible property and, bearded and with a good-natured skill, somebody also teeny. This somebody raised bracinho and it put into motion it in spiral making with that the girl it adormecesse slowly while it smiles satisfied; espiralando if was with its pilgrim’s staff.

When waking up in the following day, the first thing that Creusalinda made, was to smile. continued to smile while pixaim arranged its typical hair, placing fasteners and arresting it with some cramps. It was prepared to go to the school. At a certain moment, Creusalinda if it saw confused with what it capsizes during the dawn: truth or dream, if questioned. It did not count nothing coleguinhas that they walked to its side in direction to the school nor to nobody. If it was a dream was not real, therefore, it had not happened, it did not deserve to be shared; its was a point of view.

During that week, the mind and attention of Creusalinda had been distant. the result of this was that it took a pito, not, but several, mainly, in classroom. Talking with its buttons it saw that those homenzinhos had been an illusion, the consequence of a doidice, that is, a pure dream.

The Harmony

Then, the comment by means of the hearing of voices can be made, only considering the musicalidade of the voice, the absence of noises or tonelessness, aspects that can show the disfonia. The production of the voice depends, also, of the adjusted functioning of respiratory, cardiovascular, muscle-skeletal, neurological and psicossocial the system of each individual, this in agreement, therefore as Zemlin (2000, P. 48) the production of speaks, is ' ' described as constituted of four phases: breath, fonao, joint and ressonncia' '. Therefore, the research having as object the normal voices, detached when analyzing of brief form results ratio harmonic-noise in women, before and after the ingestion of the apple I ran away, it expressed that changes can be registered with the ingestion of the fruit how much to the harmony of the voice, or regularity. The apple, for the gotten results, improves the elasticity and flexibility of the mucous tnica better giving to harmonic quality of the voice human being. FINAL CONSIDERAES the data congregated in this study, therefore, had shown the possibilities of improvement of the movement muco-ondulatrio of the mucous tnica through the ingestion of the apple I ran away, therefore the majority of the searched voices had improvement in the harmony, when compared the results of the one before and after the ingestion of this fruit. To the end, the express results had detached the relevance of the research how much the use of the apple, therefore to if analyzing the ratio harmonic-noise in women with voice said as normal before and after the ingestion of the apple I ran away, served to show that due to its properties astringents, such improvement the mucosa of the larynx and the vocal treatment, from there happened its advantages for the harmony of the voice of those that of it to make use. One sees then, that this article is base a bigger research to be developed later, therefore its results serve of previous demonstrating the importance of studies on the advantages of the apple for the vocal quality, mainly as for the ratio harmonic-noise in normal voices.