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Real Estate

Sale of States is a term in the world of auctions which usually refers to a house or the sale of content assets. This can also refer to a sale of inheritance, and is usually a large event in terms of items offered for sale. As articles represent a content of a House, they often cover a very wide range of furniture, art and antiques, ephemeral paper and all the way to the headings of all households the days that fall within a broad category of decorative objects. When an owner of a State or of those who inherited the content, go to the task of selling the property always faced a series of questions: a. where selling the collection? b.

How should the collection being sold in one or separate into groups of similar items? c. where to find an expert who can properly assess all the elements and not just simply apply a generic value to groups of articles? The easiest way for a sale of the contents of a House is a local auction house. Major international auctioneers of which we hear in the news only handled collections specialists in rare articles and of good quality, and this is why they are divided into strict categories, such as: 19th century furniture, oil paintings of old masters, watercolors, Oriental ceramics and works of art and carpets, glass, books and manuscripts, and many more. A different Department would normally lead a sales specialist and the great auction houses each have about a hundred departments. And because they have a huge number of specialists that have to be paid, they cannot afford the acceptance of small valuable items (e) introduce a threshold, usually between 2,000- 5,000. Therefore, they are unable to handle or even come and look at the contents of a general House. When this comes to local auctions, most of them basically exist thanks to the sales of local States.

Real Estate Crisis

The real estate crisis in the USA trailing several countries speaking on international investment in properties, due to the weakness of consumers and of the Dollar and the progressive loss of jobs since 2007. USA with average age in the 50? s after the baby boom, would have to be through its golden age and starting to plan the withdrawal of State milion us in nearby countries. This was the key idea by which countries close to USA began building complexes and breakfast overlooking this group of Baby bomers! countries like Panama, Costa rica Mexico and some more this was his key idea to sell their multimillion dollar projects to market mostly North American and European, which has become a nightmare for many companies that will find in a situation in which have not sold nor his established minimum. Is the big question when will the crisis end? and if the change of Government could resolve it quickly? 6 key points by which the real estate market empeora in next 2009 the number of Houses foreclosed properties currently on the market State Unidense for sale not been sold worse still and the more catastrophic the pre Foreclosures or houses that currently are not paying your mortgage be foreclosed properties in the future, these properties more than 7 times the current foreclosures or foreclosed properties and it takes a minimum of 8 months to be foreclosed by the Bank properties, more time after being foreclosed properties, selling .media calculated more than 14 months, for the North American market with these numbers we go to 2010 (until the market for foreclosed properties are not sold prices can continue lowering logically) unemployment to rise and destruction of jobs mistrust of consumers in the real estate sector financial institutions in the USA have changed the system of granting mortgage loans with a reduction of more than 60% in your monetary volume. the 750 billions of dollars of government aid scheme been unidense according to the best economist is nothing more than a needle in a haystack where the problem is larger than expected. The doors of one recession in the U.S. could be a reality if the market does not change in different direction and created jobs. My personal opinion with these factors is: that the market will remain to fall in real estate prices until the beginning of the 2010 which is stabilized but will not rise either. By States separated in USA is I could clearly see that cities like Miami or Las Vegas, which its economy was based on the practise without industry base and the housing bubble was almost a fiction film, would be the first to fall heavily which have fallen stronger than expected with more than 60% real estate casualties nor saved cities as Detroti even with industry has been strongly hit due to the decrease in sales of automobiles and strong unemployment Chicago and New york even with this crisis and falling real estate prices the market moves quickly to talking in terms of sales of houses and expected a market solid and safe to invest. California, depending on the areas has been very punished, surprisingly real estate multi-million dollar is are selling more easily that which does not.


So important how much to come close themselves to somebody and to start a colloquy are to keep this colloquy. For this, it learns to make open questions. The open questions are those whose answers cannot be given with an only word. Generally the open questions start with expressions as ' ' Why ' ' , ' ' What ' ' , ' ' Como' ' , ' ' Onde' '. For example, instead of asking to a person if it likes certain thing. She asks what it finds of determines thing. If you to ask to a person if it like soccer, it she goes to answer yes or not. But if you to ask what it finds on the Brazilian election of soccer, it go to say what she thinks, and papo goes to flow of course.

It understood? It prevents to make questions whose answers go to stop the colloquy and to cause that one feared silence. It always looks for to make open questions. You will see that the result will be surprising. He sees more tips in

The Outcome

This being of the imaginary world, the fairy, belongs to mythology capable to carry through the dreams or ideals, inalcanveis to the human beings in so poucoespao of time. Beyond the mediators of the good, which we can characterizes fairy and its here varinha, on the other hand it also has those opponents, that is, osintermedirios of the evil, as giant, witches, wizards, between outrasrepresentaes. The main characteristic of the wonderful story is that, to aodesenrolar history, generally its personages possess reason and motivaocomuns, beyond the encantamento, that is basic part, where one to be sobrenaturalinterfere in the history in positive or negative way. In the truth, this is afuno makes that it to be so different of the literary narratives that if temconhecimento, therefore when it seems not to have more exit, the intervention appears deuma fairy to save the hero of the great conflict and to change its destination. The plot always involves the fight of the good against the evil where asoluo is found through the encantamento. In such a way, the evil acts on obem, in the intention to harm it, is born the great conflict, until the good is successful, the evil is punished etodos will be ' ' happy forever ' '. The plot of stories of fairies sebaseia for the sequncia narrative divided in episodes. In this way, if it can detach: the initial situation, when born in the kingdom atranquilidade and the personages is presented, the protagonist, suafamlia, its qualities, its lacks, its motivations and its destination, oespao and the time; the proper personages and its marcantes characteristics (he bomou badly); the conflict, when it seems not to have more exit, generally is umacomplicao in the life of the main personage; solution of the conflict with ainterveno of the magic; the outcome (marriage, rewards, repairing), sempresatisfatrio. The structure of stories of fairies ligado always brings a problem reality, that unbalances the tranquilidade and the order of the personages.