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Housing Plan

The promoters are looking for alternatives to provide an outlet for properties that carry some time without selling. According to information published by Cadena Ser, at least, 6,000 homes were sent recently to the public rent society (SPA), by Spanish sponsors, to ensure that this body puts them on lease. Rent with option to buy is an attractive formula for small and medium developers who are unable to find the desired purchaser and for potential buyers who can not buy a house in property from the first moment because they may not have a bank credit in the home. Some analysts agree that this joint funding mechanism is affordable in situations of economic recession, how that currently crosses the real estate market. In this sense, is an optimal formula to provide an outlet for new construction and apartment houses in stock. Agencies that offer this type of services pose to those interested the option of renting the House of new building for an affordable price, from market, which will vary in function of the property, its location, characteristics and qualities, with a purchase option after 2 or 5 years. The main feature of this mode is that the payments that are being carried out during the life of the lease will not a deaf ears. When this period expires and the lease period is complete, these amounts will be deducted at the final price of the property that the tenant will have to pay.

The real estate Nozar, for example, announced last October, this modality, the Formula A + C, which allowed customers to rent an apartment of new construction of the promoter from 550 euros per month with a term of 5 years to acquire it later, discounting at that time payments paid during the lease period. The last reform of the Housing Plan 2005-2008 has also included this mechanism in its proposal and the Region of Murcia, for its part, already one of the autonomous communities is in which supports the promotion of housing for rent with option of purchase. Legal aspects the purchase option is regulated between the parties, i.e., landlord and tenant, in a lease stating this peculiarity. Stakeholders have signed a joint agreement in which the lessor guarantees the lessee may acquire housing in an agreed period. In addition, both undertake to raise public deed of sale the previous contract by the deadline. Until the time of the purchase the lease is governed naturally by a contract to use for this mode. In any case, the law applicable to this contract is the 1255 article of the Civil Code: the contracting parties can establish the pacts, clauses and conditions which have as disadvantage, provided that they are not contrary to law, morality or public order.

Francisco Arias Solis

Firstly, that prevents, directly, integration, through measures to eradicate them. Second, that prevents, directly, integration through offerings impossible to accept because in no case they solve their problems, but aggravate it. Thirdly, that prevents, directly, integration, to proclaim his discrediting the same laws ordering their settlement, without providing any concrete measures that will enable it. And, above all, integration is prevented because the willingness of acceptance that society has of hosting to the marginalized ethnic minority is function of competition posed in each time and place that minority social sectors from the lower classes, so it will depend on the general condition of abundance or scarcity, that is allowed or not to Gypsies formFinally, with the payos a solidary and multi-ethnic society. But this precise, by Gypsies, takes it awareness of its position in the precise, and social framework in addition to the media materials and legislative measures.

Becomes necessary that the Administration takes into account some things, and assume them: one that Gypsies, at the moment, vote shortly, and therefore, the administrative action only will be responsible for but not necessarily profitable; another, that there will be no effective measures unless they become to achieve the necessary economic means, whose profitability is social and long-term; the third has to do with the own programmes and measures to be adopted for the ethnically respectful integration of Gypsies, which prevents any degree of efficiency measures of general application and which recommends concrete, specific and adapted measures. And as the poet said: mother of the soul, / was born Gypsy, / if I’m not good / for nothing. Francisco Arias Solis revolution will come to distribute good, peace and harmony among all the inhabitants of the Earth, without having anything in mind the differences of colour and race, and to do that the fraternity become a family to all men. (Phrase (from Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum. URL: Original author and source of the article.

Wisdom Universalcatedra

Those moments, at the end of the day, in which the teacher sat is in rail while Ting Chang, Tenno and the Sweeper of Esmeraldas took a bath before dinner, they were delicious for Sergei. He liked to help the teacher placed a washing-up bowl with warm water and salt to then give you a little massage on your arms and back. The master continued across to swim across the River every evening and enveloped in the black tunic that Sergei tended him after helping to dry out. Others already used only white for practices that took place on the other side of the River during the long night. Master, why it is so necessary to follow the rites and preserve the traditions of the ancestors? Apparently, you are working hard in that Treaty of Confucius to prepare the Noble Ting Chang. And you know how? Well, I have seen the medical nobleman who placed that Treaty under her head as a pillow.

Less evil than the other three sacred books leads them in the heart! But, listen, curious Hare, the that happened in an ashram in India with a guru who had mania to cats because they distracting his disciples during the worship. If they had had a mascot like us rabbit that would have not happened them. The guru ordered they ataran the cat during the Shiva lingam in the afternoon. Thus became and when guru was already dead, they continued tying the cat precisely for the afternoon prayer. And when the cat died, they bought another cat to be able to tie it in the Temple of the ashram during evening prayers. I can’t believe it! Ah, no? Because you have to know, Hare of the steppes, many centuries later, the disciples of the guru wrote brainy treaties about the transcendent importance of the cat to carry out a cult as it should. Back to another, Sergei. This happens in the majority of established, not to say in all religions.