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Housing Act

But as it is grow in tackling with gifts to their members, soon had to frighten citizens and owner (leaving the representative of shift, you could choose to) who could affect his property) and perhaps for that reason made a Housing Act where could the Administration publishes forcing owners to necessarily rent their vacant housing. Not happy with the results, now! to finish off the move, and perspective taking big business, arises through a decree, guaranteeing the payment of six months of rent to owners who have leased their housing and are in a situation of non-payment. My friend who fixes things in a pass pis says that you can see other business and that it will make the card of national socialism in their region and that he has already contacted several owners during the winter having vacated his house rent it and be declared insolvent and make the regional government paid the rent for six months. Half for each one do Vale?. It is not worth! But it is worth it!. My friend a little more seriously gives me another possible solution. If they really wanted to fix the situation, first thing would be to enforce the law on lease (see first Pilar) but at the same time, such as National Socialists, be allowed to mount a transport undertaking and the day of the eviction to collect the belongings of the hopeless and take it to a social housing until it resolved the situation of precariousness of the evicted tenant. Ole by my friend!. But as always, the pis pass there is no way to make it reality.

Prefabricated Housing

L as prefabricated homes are homes built from standardized sections, which are manufactured in advance outside their place of location, and subsequently sent to its definitive location for final assembly. These homes should not be confused with the so-called caravans (in English mobile homes); homes already assembled and usually of very low quality, which are transported in trucks to the place where will be definitely installed. The definition of prefabricated housing also may overlap with the so-called modular houses, which are those whose structure is formed by metal frames of standardized dimensions, which are closed by panels that fit into the holes. All these constructive strategies, requiring no mortars or concretes, can also receive the generic definition of buildings dry. Although it is not as widespread as the of traditional houses market, its market share varies considerably according to countries and regions.

The prefabricated houses are popular in some European countries, and particularly in Canada and United States, due to its generally more competitive price. Current architectural designs, in which predominate the plants open and clean lines, without sophisticated decorations, are very suitable for prefabricated construction. The current architecture experiment with prefabrication to design houses that produce series for cost reduction. There is a wide variety of prefabricated houses, by varying its materials according to dimensions (surface, number of plants), climate (temperature and humidity) and budget for its construction. The materials most used are wood and reinforced concrete, although there are a multitude of combinations and variants of relatively recent appearance. Prefabricated housing should rest on foundations, and connected to the urban networks of sanitation, water and electricity, as well as conventional homes. Traditionally, one of the main problems that had these constructions was the lack of heat insulation, situation that has changed with the evolution of both thermal and acoustic insulating materials.

Real Estate Sector

That day the real estate sector as a whole had a drop of which happen once every years, of which tend to announce the beginning of a great movement. It was not a simple correction. Nor do I believe that the trigger was the initial fall of Astroc as he has been said in many places. Astroc is a company that does not follow any analyst, who does not have a clear and understandable, not distributed dividends and activity which was considered very overrated (to 75 euros had a PER2006 of nearly 100 times) by the vast majority of stock investors. Therefore, if the majority of investors could expect that sometime Astroc disrupted a strong correction not it seems logical to think that this correction has caught them by surprise and they have reacted with panic selling shares of other companies that have a clear activity, share dividends and were not so absurdly overvalued as Astroc. I think the real trigger for the correction was the 100 questions TVE program to Rajoy, which said very clearly on several occasions that I was going to liberalize the soil when it came to the Government. Because, for me, the real estate bubble did not begin at the end of the 1990s, but the day that someone invented a major scam of mankind; the urban recalificaciones. It is not recalificaciones system promotes corruption, it is that it is expressly intended to enrich himself through corruption. The market of the soil in Spain (and in the majority of countries) does not respond to the laws of supply and demand (as the markets of apples, t-shirts, cars, computers, shoes, etc.) but the level of corruption and totally arbitrary decisions of a small group of people who decide where you can build and where not. Currently the price of land in Spain has a very high price, but the soil is not a scarce commodity. In Spain left over soil everywhere, what is lacking is soil that is allowed (in exchange for corresponding bribery) to build. It is estimated that currently the soil represents about half of the price of the floor, by what the true liberalization of the soil would entail a radical change in the valuation of real estate on what is known so far. Bribery promoter of the building or urbanization is paid in the first instance, but that in the end pays really (unintentionally and unknowingly) is the buyer of the floor. To this it must join the fact that normally permits are given according to the pace of sales of finished floors, so there is no real competition between promoters and thus avoid the fall of prices of apartments (and bribes). A few decades ago was very difficult to buy a car in Spain for various reasons (SEAT was a State enterprise with a very inefficient production that did not give rude to demand, to import a car from abroad had to apply for a permit which took much time in granted, etc.). As a result the price of cars (taking inflation into account) it was far superior to the current, there were people who renounced have car by bureaucratic problems, possibilities of choice were ridiculous compared to the current ones, etc. There were even people who requested the purchase of a car and when, last time, approached the date that were going to grant the requested car resold that right at a higher price to another person who was in hurry to get a car and getting a (legitimate, of course) benefit to change. This situation is unthinkable today if we think of cars, but is very similar to buy a flat on plane and resell it to finish the construction of the same. That situation was normal until all those restrictions disappeared, and with it the price of cars (taking into account inflation) dropped a lot. The current housing market seems a lot to market cars that today seems more a bad dream than a real situation that lived many of the people we meet every day on the street. In many places I have read that the drop of the real estate in bag will not affect real estate, but I think the reality is that more informed investors have already begun to go out with strength of the housing market. If they have started by selling the shares publicly traded is because they are infinitely more liquid than real estate. The illiquidity of the immovables is tremendous and when the fall is of general knowledge can become extremely difficult to sell properties, even lowering them the price. However I think that a lowered the price of real estate siginificativa would be positive for the overall economy and the majority of the population in the long term, although short tensions and imbalances can occur if the fall is too fast. The hardest hit would be those who have investments in real estate, but would go to benefit the holders of residence, merchants, rehabilitation of buildings, etc. Currently the price of real estate represents a brake on the economy even worse (by corruption, lack of transparency, etc.) or similar to the taxes. The Malaysian operation was assessed the heritage of the most rock in 2,400 million euros (400,000 million pestas). Developers paid that money is, but he actually left, without knowing it, the pocket of all persons who bought flats, local and villas in Marbella during those years. Which is to say that, despite the image of solidity that has real estate investment, a very important part of the price which is paid by real estate is not backed by something tangible and real as the solar or the actual construction, but that is smoke (bribes) that any day may disappear forever.

House Area

Until just very recently, many families bought a second home for your holidays in some place of tourist interest, usually areas with playacomo Segur de Calafell. Today there are many reasons that drive people to have a segundavivienda, particularly if we are talking about holiday one of the main advantages is that housing is your property and you can go on the date that you want. You don’t have to book ahead or think about when will be your vacation, you do not depend on a tenant that impose you their standards. In addition, the price of your home, with time, will grow in value. Having an apartment in Segur de Calafell has many advantages, among the most important is its location, in a residential area that belongs to the municipality of Calafell, in Baix Penedes, and located 50 kilometres from Barcelona. Due to its proximity to Barcelona is an ideal place for weekend getaways and forget the routine and the bustle of the capital, in the same way if for any reason you need to go to Barcelona is not too far away. If you want, you can go by car or you can approach to the station from Calafell to catch the public service. You can go to wonderful beaches from your House in Segur de Calafell.

With a large expanse of 1700 meters long and 90 meters wide, the beach of Calafell is a beautiful beach where sunbathing in their white sands and swim in the calm waters. The beach of Calafell has many security and services, in addition many tourists who come here in summer rented an apartment in Segur de Calafell. It is ideal for walking along the promenade on a good day and contemplate the area from him. Originally from Segur de Calafell idea was to create a city garden, and still retains the original idea, so it is an ideal area as second homes, and have it as a primary residence at the time of retirement. Original author and source of the article.