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Housing Act

But as it is grow in tackling with gifts to their members, soon had to frighten citizens and owner (leaving the representative of shift, you could choose to) who could affect his property) and perhaps for that reason made a Housing Act where could the Administration publishes forcing owners to necessarily rent their vacant housing. Not happy with the results, now! to finish off the move, and perspective taking big business, arises through a decree, guaranteeing the payment of six months of rent to owners who have leased their housing and are in a situation of non-payment. My friend who fixes things in a pass pis says that you can see other business and that it will make the card of national socialism in their region and that he has already contacted several owners during the winter having vacated his house rent it and be declared insolvent and make the regional government paid the rent for six months. Half for each one do Vale?. It is not worth! But it is worth it!. My friend a little more seriously gives me another possible solution. If they really wanted to fix the situation, first thing would be to enforce the law on lease (see first Pilar) but at the same time, such as National Socialists, be allowed to mount a transport undertaking and the day of the eviction to collect the belongings of the hopeless and take it to a social housing until it resolved the situation of precariousness of the evicted tenant. Ole by my friend!. But as always, the pis pass there is no way to make it reality.

House Area

Until just very recently, many families bought a second home for your holidays in some place of tourist interest, usually areas with playacomo Segur de Calafell. Today there are many reasons that drive people to have a segundavivienda, particularly if we are talking about holiday one of the main advantages is that housing is your property and you can go on the date that you want. You don’t have to book ahead or think about when will be your vacation, you do not depend on a tenant that impose you their standards. In addition, the price of your home, with time, will grow in value. Having an apartment in Segur de Calafell has many advantages, among the most important is its location, in a residential area that belongs to the municipality of Calafell, in Baix Penedes, and located 50 kilometres from Barcelona. Due to its proximity to Barcelona is an ideal place for weekend getaways and forget the routine and the bustle of the capital, in the same way if for any reason you need to go to Barcelona is not too far away. If you want, you can go by car or you can approach to the station from Calafell to catch the public service. You can go to wonderful beaches from your House in Segur de Calafell.

With a large expanse of 1700 meters long and 90 meters wide, the beach of Calafell is a beautiful beach where sunbathing in their white sands and swim in the calm waters. The beach of Calafell has many security and services, in addition many tourists who come here in summer rented an apartment in Segur de Calafell. It is ideal for walking along the promenade on a good day and contemplate the area from him. Originally from Segur de Calafell idea was to create a city garden, and still retains the original idea, so it is an ideal area as second homes, and have it as a primary residence at the time of retirement. Original author and source of the article.