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SIMA Group

A new opportunity that you find the perfect real estate supply will take place in Madrid. The balcony of Honor of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will open its doors on 24, 25 and 26 February to host an edition of SIMA winter, organized by Planner Reed. Visitors will find its next housing among more than 200 promotions of top quality belonging to 35 exhibiting companies. The flats for sale will be both first and second residence, although the first will represent 80% of the offer. Also, 50% of the same will be located at real estate Mallorca. The Barrio de Salamanca (Habitat and Key Mare), Valdebebas (real estate railway group), Ensanche de Vallecas (Arjusa, Prometheus group, Reyal Urbis) or residential areas of Sanchinarro and Las Tablas (Pryconsa and Woss), are some of the locations. Alcala de Henares, Arganda del Rey, Arroyomolinos, Getafe or San Sebastian de los Reyes will be some municipalities of the region of Madrid property for sale. On the other hand, the supply of real estate of second home will belong to the costa Alicante, the provinces of Mallorca real estate, Murcia and the Balearic Islands. There will also be promotions of luxury in Marbella and Mallorca for Jones Lang Lasalle and the promotion of TM real estate group in Playa del Carmen (Mexico). Visitors can enjoy special discounts. For more information, visit the web site official luxus wohnungen Mallorca.

Insulating Homes

A rare happy owner of a private house, cottages, cottage or apartment is thinking about winter, the beautiful, warm summer day. And when it's cold season and the battery barely warm to the touch and you have to wrap up in wool sweaters, constantly drive electric heaters. In such cases, only the dream of a warm summer. Should I suffer? In order to keep warm in winter and make the house really warm – we need decisive action. Necessary adjust heating. You can start to change old batteries were killed, the installation of modern radiator. Such measures are relevant to residents of various cities: Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Moscow, Vladivostok, and so on, any points in Russia.

Where begin, you ask? How to choose a reliable radiator? Radiator – is a household appliance, which circulates heated to a certain temperature heat transfer fluid (water or antifreeze). The design of radiators provides efficient transfer of heat from the coolant in the radiators heated pomeschenie.Tipy According to the method of heat transfer in a heated room heaters are divided into three types: radiation, convective-radiative and convective. Radiation type heaters transfer heat by radiation (radiation). For example, ceiling heaters, sectional cast iron radiators, tubular radiators. Instruments convective-radiative type provide heating of the room by radiation and convection in roughly equal proportions. To this type belong sectional aluminum radiators, steel radiators sectional, Bimetal radiators, heaters, tubular heaters. By convection heaters tipado 90% are those that are the bulk of its heat into the surrounding room transfer by convection, ie Air Circulation bottom-up through a heated finned surface of the device.