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Holiday Inn Hotel

Currently, hotel investors find very interesting hotels by Hilton, Sheraton, Pullman, Mercure, Scandic to buy Holiday Inn – at the most interesting locations in Europe on good terms. Munich, 28.09.2011 bvh. More and more owners sell your hotels through the ASP’s leading hotel brokers real estate from Munich. The current world top hotels include some 350 hotels with a total sales price of around 4.2 billion euros. The Munich-based hotel broker ASP real estate conquer country to country, continent to continent in the area of hotel real estate and contact in Europe far ahead of their competitors.

The first large hotel portfolio – sales in New York, Florida and the Midwest of the United States with a total volume of EUR 1.8 billion show that the competence of the hotel is quite international format broker from Munich. More and more international hotel owner, funds / trusts, insurance companies, banks and private hoteliers sell and buy your hotel properties on the leading hotel brokers around the experienced Hotel brokers and tourism real estate experts Bodo Graf von Hardenberg, Department at Auer, Springer & partners leading the hotel real estate – very successfully since j. The current range of top hotels worldwide includes approximately 370 hotels with a total sales price of around 4.2 billion euros. In addition to interesting family hotels, wellness hotels and resort hotels in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Switzerland of the international hotel broker ASP offers Sheraton, Pullman, Mercure, NH, Holiday Inn, Melia, holiday resorts around the Mediterranean International Hotel investors to purchase real estate especially hotels of the top hotel brands, including Hilton, Starwood -. A majority of worldwide luxury hotels of course only OFF-market on selected funds, banks, (very confidential and discreet) offered Hotel investors, be offered on request. Worldwide orders search place AG over Hotel 160, investors continuously after hotel properties with different requirements and expectations at the hotel real estate experts of the ASPI In detail, hotels are by region, size, branding / hotel operator, position, category, and hotel investments especially looking for income.

Keyhole Internet

Competence and service contact is at the end of the real estate business has through the Internet dramatically changed. Especially in the last 5 years an enormous shift is here towards the mediation of real estate via a query over the Internet to make. There’s no question. Also if you are looking for a property, but the advertising banners of real estate portals especially conspicuous in the Internet and Web browsing. With beautiful images of dream homes even the Nichtsuchende is able to resist hardly click on these banners. According to the motto: you can even see what’s so happening in your own town. The question is thus not whether Internet or not, but rather, whether an impersonal Internet portal or a competent to serve real estate agent Munich and whose webpage may or may not? The possibilities offered by the Internet for the real estate brokerage, are to equate a quantum leap.

Per query on the Internet of the webpage is information very detailed already, from the home screen and especially pictures about the selected objects get and see. From almost any perspective, the premises are photographed and presented on the Internet. Pictures say yes we know that more than a thousand words. For example, the view from the balcony is already on the screen to visit”. Actually, it should be but questionable if you visit almost every rental property on the Internet with all the details”can. “Why has the found here actually still no protest movement, the citizens against this view of the keyhole” want to protect? Where to emphasize is that by which we are discussing this Keyhole, no little hole with poor insight in the entrance area of a property. Quite the contrary.

On the real estate portals, you will find not only photos of all premises, but also maps or blueprints in the range are supplied. So almost one must wonder whether privacy is preserved here still? That’s what on the one hand as a tip top services and services sold, on the other hand it clearly represents too much insight into the privacy of the future tenants or owners. Why has no one actually cares about this? But in another way, too, is questioning whether the profession of real estate Internet portals even abolish themselves? We need the expertise and soft skills of a real estate consultant, to find the appropriate rental property and to get? But, at first glance, you would think the razor sharp images, space plans and the conditions of the lease are sufficient to complete the lease then also. But it is almost as if we would buy a pig in a poke, or rather rent. What citizens believe today his eyes, say an image on the Internet? To do in times of 360-degree photography and Internet age and must consider the real estate still with our own eyes, they sensibly assess. A picture of the world can the spatial Mediate perception and the atmosphere of a real estate. The man has just seven senses and not just one. You must be no graphic designer, to edit footage so well, that also the outdated bathroom is still a shining impression. Munich property management and the real estate agent must worry about the future so even in the Internet age. The Internet portal assumes a first important filter function in finding real estate, but the real estate agent is fortunately not to replace with his expertise and personal care.

Monument Real Estate Investment

Monument real estate for own use or rental use rents attract: recent studies show that in particular German cities the cost of rental objects continually rise in years. Today, the rental rates are up to 20 percent above those prices that were common even five years ago. In the wake of persistent inflation, future significant rent increases will be expected. Who invests in your own four walls, is on the safe side. In particular, the investment in monument real estate is worth.

Who pulls from the apartment in the own real estate, must worry more about rising prices. The financing is completed usually about 10 or more years at a fixed interest rate and brings high monthly mortgage payments with. The loan is paid back in full, a high burden falls away – for the rest of your life. Just at the age rent-free living is a greater financial scope, and hence more solid protection, quality of life leads. Listed real estate offer a high degree of quality of living. The exceptional space, high ceilings and ornate facades are just some of the features that more than any other real estate brings forth a monument real estate.

Demanding people who desire modern living in an individual setting, are well advised with a monument real estate. The purchase price to be paid after the scream bug period a monument-protected object is typically lower compared to a new building. Renovation and modernisation costs incurred after the purchase, set in the personal financing plan must included, can be made however tax claims. Especially in higher income tax benefits, which can offer a monument real estate like no other investment in Germany, noticeable. Monument real estate can be purchased as a pure investment. In large cities a rental potential is good, vacancy rates are extremely rare in attractive locations. More and more tenants prefer well refurbished old buildings, taking into account their individual lifestyle. Experience shows that attract the rents, landlords benefit from lucrative rental yields, which, can surpass so many risky securities business despite the safer type of investment -. To find a suitable monument real estate for own use or for the rental, the advice from experts is important. The HansFinanzMarketing GmbH & co. KG with headquarters in Hamburg is familiar for many years developing exclusive monument real estate nationwide. On, prospective customers will find many attractive offers in whole Germany. About the pure mediation, investment in all aspects of monument real estate team advises individually and professionally. Company description of provider investment monument offers a serious investment in listed real estate in whole Germany. This investment particularly attractive tax advantages for investors and helps to preserve old buildings.

Langwied Munich District

In 2011, the offer on the real estate market of Munich-Aubing total consisted of about 1,077 objects relating to condominiums and houses. The district Munich-Aubing, including also the settlements of Neuaubing and count on the West Cross, is located in the West of Munich and next to the districts of Lochhausen and Langwied Munich District 22 “Aubing-Lochhausen Langwied”. The Centre of ALT-Aubing offers rural flair and in the recreation area “Aubing Lohe” a hill with an altitude of 541 meters. Aubing is strong population, because the entire district has a higher than average proportion of multiple-person households 22 Aubing-Lochhausen Langwied compared to all districts of Munich. In 2008 lived in District 22 total 38.327 persons, about 85% in the district’s Aubing lived. (1) at the real estate prices in Munich-Aubing 2011: real estate agent in Munich-Aubing conveyed about 1,077 condos and houses (some possible double counting) in 2011. While the condos range in the District Munich Aubing predominantly used real estate with a total of 425 objects.

The price per square meter these objects cost about EUR 3.000,-. Real estate agents or private individuals of inserted new construction real estate (total 199 offers) in Munich-Aubing with an average square meter price of EUR 3.800,-. The facilities of the offered apartments in two categories consisted of 32 objects with garden, 16 apartments with roof terrace, 13 apartments in the penthouse-style, as well as 9 Maisonette flats. House sale in Munich-Aubing estate agents: total 453 objects Aubing were facilitated by real estate agents in Munich 173 used detached houses (EFH). The average real estate prices for these objects were approximately EUR 550.000,-with a living area of 148 square meters. Newly built semi-detached houses (semi-detached) with 62 objects which were sold 480.000,-and a living area of 146 square meters of real estate agents in Munich-Aubing with an average real estate price of approx.

Chancellor Konrad Adenauer

What am I doing with my money or savings? This question is interesting to banking and financial crisis more important than ever, and for all of us. I bring my sour now”savings on the bench? Here I collect maybe 1.5% interest. After deduction of taxes, fees and inflation, a negative result is me often at the end of the year. Invest now in shares and funds? In recent years, hundreds of billions have been destroyed; not least, the money of many small investors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Savignano. Or I’m under my pillow the whole and Hahn of the things? “This is not recommended, because even here eats” inflation my money every year on a little! Now, I can not give you here of course an investment strategy. This depends on many factors, so that there can be no charge for the correct statements.

Certainly, it is never wrong to apply his savings in different columns (shares, savings bonds, etc.) and to minimize the risk of loss. Security in my so is a focal point, Investment strategy should incorporate. And here comes the real estate in the game! Still is the safest and value stable form of investment real estate, coupled with an excellent value increase chance to see. Housing is a basic need of all people. In other words, I need – to my family and me a roof over their heads”offer can raise more and more money. I can do it for the own property (in the form of interest and repayment), but of course also for a leased real estate (rent to the landlord). Sure, you know the saying: A real estate I paid in the course of my life, either their own or that my landlord! “Our former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer by many dear said many years ago: the only way to accumulate wealth, is the debt in kind”. The principle of own real estate is so easy: one acquires a property with the help of foreign capital (mortgage loan) and leads back interest and repayment in connection with the tax benefits (depreciation) to the Bank.

Dusseldorf State

Real estate prices Dusseldorf State real estate brokerage house condo buy apartment Dusseldorf consultant cheap construction financing, when should you buy clear positive only for property owners. Source: f + b residential index Germany by the 02.05.2011 during an inspection appointment complained a customer, that the prices for apartments in Dusseldorf is so clearly risen. That’s right. The interesting question is, again waiting until prices fall, which can only be the case in years or decades, or buy now before the prices go up? With children who are looking for self use residential property in Dusseldorf and surroundings I recommend families now to buy, although the prices have risen, because I reckon firmly that the prices will rise even more starkly. Germany’s economy is running as good as in any other country in Europe. For even more analysis, hear from Bizzi & Partners.

Apartments in Dusseldorf, significantly more than cost in Athens (!), although the people here earn more. Overall, the share of the rent on the whole available is in Germany Income relatively low in comparison to Europe and the prices significantly lower, as for example in the Netherlands, Austria, even in Poland apartments partly more than in Germany. This may have no stock on time. Dusseldorf in particular is a debt-free town, currently well developed according to the local Chamber of Commerce. The job situation is comparatively very good, you can work in Dusseldorf and earn good money. The housing situation is more modest, and more and more people come up with the idea, might buy the home ownership but not as wrong can be.

On the other hand the offer in Dusseldorf is extremely tenuous, especially if you want to have your own House. I think prices will rise. Clear 2 years ago in the banking crisis there was to get real bargains. But today? Do you ready to pay a fair price, and I think it will be much more in the near future. The customer from the said appointment decided to wait until the prices again Flats in good locations in Dusseldorf are decreased for solid, because she has 2 kids and her husband would like to have a work room, so appropriate needs many rooms which also costs of course in Dusseldorf. I’m afraid if prices in Dusseldorf are falling again, the children of the customer no longer employed his and her husband will likely be already out of the House. And where will you live? And how much will you have to pay then to rent? I think more as now the financing would cost, although the prices have increased slightly. It is before the real estate prices in Dusseldorf will double from the current level only a matter of time until, and I think it will take too long. Good for those who have already beforehand saved her own roof over their heads. The others have certainly a roof over one’s head, even if it is only one of many bridges across the Rhine in Dusseldorf. Sokol Mihajlovic, brokers for financing real estate and insurance in Dusseldorf finance better in Dusseldorf

Euro Price

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online easily assess who occurs when purchasing real estate in the decisive phase of price negotiation, must have good reasons and recite incoming arguments, he wants the price to some thousand, ten thousand or more Euro change. Reasons for a price negotiation may be, that the offer price does not comply with the value of the property or the price of the supplier to the buyer is not traceable. Verifiable facts in both cases should be well prepared buyers be in order to emerge victorious from the price negotiation. Arguments for a discount will only convince a provider if the buyer with reproducible facts can come up. A detailed costing, which leads to a current real estate guide in their sum proves to be useful.

This list should take into account the exact location before place lot size, living area, facilities, age of the property, and possibility to use. Restoration and land demarcation ideal is it, if carried out renovations of the building, as well as the demarcation of the land be considered after land or green and garden land. Consumers who do not have, to compensate for her lack of competence by external service providers make for a real estate review of a technical training balance skills deficiency. Competent supplier for exact location real estate reviews can be found on the Internet. Questionnaire to the object who would like to use the quick and cheap way of assessing real estate over the Internet, online answered a questionnaire about the object and gets after a few minutes, a real estate valuation enriched the database values of the service provider.

The online real estate review of the user’s computer will be provided, the time-consuming delivery of value determination over the usual postal service is eliminated. The pricing for students, which would bring the value of real estate in experience from now on equal, is the online Real estate valuation a quick and cheap way of pricing. Real estate price calculator a traceable calculation of real estate benchmark, as well as a justification of the suitable choice of process. It is possible also on the website of real estate price calculator. This tool uses the method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation. The neutral online real estate valuation is available to anyone who has the essential information to the object of the evaluation and a PC with Internet access. Find more information at

Pipe Cleaning in Homes

The professional pipe cleaning is seldom talked about, but it comes every day in tens of households: One is in a hurry, in time take up the job or is just freshly recovered from the holiday home and is faced with the disaster facing that clogged the drainage pipe. Regardless of which drain straight strikes – if the water no longer runs her need help. It is in the shower or sink water increases with frantic attempts to reach the normal state. This makes anyone fun. Fairly widespread the questionable method of the pipe cleaner out of the closet to be had, and then to wait hoping that the tube by magic, his service to resume. Richard LeFrak follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But appearances are deceiving! Professionals, for one, the pipe cleaning in a day’s warning, before the sharp and caustic powders or gels.

Because the chemical components, which includes the pipe cleaner in concentrated form, there will be too low a water supply pipe in a rock-hard mass. The damage is considered disproportionate larger. Then you have to take trouble with the landlord in an expensive purchase and hire company to lift the emergency and to install new pipes. Of the nerves of the lower living neighbors, who are deprived of sleep by the noise, not to mention the first place. To avert this situation, it is advisable to ensure that the blockage of the tube can not arise. Security offer small screens, which fit on almost every major outlet. The dirt thus arrives not in the drain and they are virtually empty. Of course, one must still reckon with the fact that pipes clog with time, and they must be clean. The best advice is one in this case with a suction cup, which in turn exerts pressure and negative pressure on the drain and it dissolves the blockage. If it still needs to be pipe cleaners, you should remember to use only a minimal dose of detergent and rather then again something. If you look at these little rules to heart, everyday life, such disasters are averted.