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Atlanticlux Estate Police

‘Put all eggs in one basket’, you should, if you want to invest sensibly and safely return strong. “Anders investment manager call expressed this portfolio optimization” and that is exactly the approach according to which the agencies police of the Atlanticlux S.A. (Atlanticlux) designed life insurance is. The broker police offers on well-defined investment strategies in the framework of active asset management for the investment of customer funds using global investment opportunities. “The euro guarantee investment strategy offers such a guaranteed interest rate of 1.5% per annum and can a performance by 14.28% since launch in July 2008 (stand: 28.05.2010) expel”, explains Michael Emmel as managing directors of Atlanticlux. Two more investment strategies are equipped with an innovative capital and profit assurance.

Thus our customers continually benefit in the opportunities of the international stock markets and are also fully protected from losses at the end of the premium payment period”, according to the Atlanticlux Board of Directors. Other benefits of the REALTOR police are to highlight that a death protection without any health assessment (for contracts with an amount of contributions of up to 130,000 euros), offered without excluded diseases and without waiting. The police in terms of cost efficiency is also one to the peak of power in Germany. This is, for example, the cost margin of only 0.16 percent per year (exemplary calculation in a 30-year man, a term of 30 years with a monthly payment of 100 euros). “The complete transparency of costs has been involved since founding the Group Atlanticlux / FWU of our strategic direction, a net police to offer, due”, says Michael Emmel as managing directors of Atlanticlux. The FWU AG as a financial service provider, who ultimately designed the products, is pioneer in the German market for net products for 15 years and has been in the history of jurisprudence, legislator and supervisory authorities in their actions confirmed.

While in 2005, the Bundesgerichtshof confirmed that the acquisition costs of the FWU-NET products are rather lower than usual. In addition the process services of the broker policy are also subject to the tax benefit of life and pension insurance: only half of the income with the individual tax rate will be taxed on capital account and are therefore always better than pure Bauherrenmodelle, pension benefits are subject to the favorable revenue share taxation. But this is not about how the Atlanticlux worked out in their sales literature: there are more additional services, which are a major reason for this for many savers, to trust the innovative financial services and insurance: with safeguarding savings target the opportunity for only 6 percent of its premiums in the Fund policy the customer, to protect his savings goal against unemployment, employment, and disability. Supplementary accident insurance disability provides services at a monthly premium of just around 15 euros up to 1.3 Millions of euro. For more information, also see atlanticlux-kunden-berichten.blogspot.

Real Estate Valuation Day

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review on March 20, 2011 the day of real estate valuation took place nationwide for the third time in a row. The annual 2009 annual action is organized by IMMOBILIENWERT24. Initiator is the expert for online real estate assessment Dr. Martin Barzel. An action for more knowledge of the day the real estate valuation is an action for more knowledge when it comes to the value of own real estate.

Consumers can make a day of real estate valuation online a free incorporation of House, apartment or land. This year’s day of real estate valuation stood under the motto: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review. He was accompanied by cooperation partners of the service IMMOBILIENWERT24, as well as licensing partners city-related real estate review portals. Online real estate review as already in the previous years, took General, such as real estate owners or prospective buyers in particular the opportunity, easily and quickly free experience to the current value of their real estate consumers. In addition to the A clue can be the method Dr. Barzel also for confrontation or estate planning real estate valuation ability quickly to determine the purchase price of a property.

Individual property valuation to interested via email got forwarded a passkey. Site-specific property values, construction costs indices, depreciation values and real estate interest rates were brought to input of key object data to calculate. Property owners or prospective buyers were an individual method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation a few moments after you have entered of the information about the object. Predominantly single-family homes primarily single-family homes were rated on this day. But also condominiums, vacation rentals, residential and commercial buildings as well as vacant land were currently brought to the review. Even apartments and houses on leasehold land left on the day of valuation estimate consumers. Repeat next year due to the annually recurring success of the action will be in the Spring 2012 for the fourth time of the day the real estate valuation take place. The motto of the event will then again be: method Dr. Barzel real estate online review.

Best Real Estate Agents

Press release on the Leipzig real estate agency SCHMID Real Estate SCHMID real estate from Leipzig is one of the 1,000 best real estate agents in Germany. This determined the newsmagazine FOCUS in collaboration with Immobilienscout24, the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate. SCHMID real estate, a Leipzig brokerage firm specializing in commercial real estate (retail space, offices, warehouses, restaurants), finished with one of the foremost ranks. Thomas C. Schmid, Managing Director of SCHMID real estate, says about pleasing cutting off his operation: the assessment and placement is a great tribute to us means an honorable award for our good and conscientious work as a real estate agent for our company. Our customers are always the focus with us and we are trying to find the right real estate apartment, home or commercial property for sale or for rent for each. This is obviously excellent succeeded and our customers are grateful for our commitment. is now also this award.

Furthermore pleased in Leipzig, especially as the competition is especially fierce!” “” “Only real estate broker, by more than 500,000 Immobilienscout24 users as good, very good” or top “have been evaluated, were shortlisted. More than 5,000 brokers who could provide a quality judgement about competitors were asked. For the first time in Germany, real estate agents have undergone such a quality check. The special FOCUS special real estate offers orientation and assistance in the search for the right object. Detailed maps illustrate the benefits of residential areas in cities and regions. District analyses show which area are overpriced and where is worth the purchase.

A large table compares prices for apartments, terraced and semi-detached houses in 100 cities. Also informed FOCUS special funding opportunities home and informs about possible errors with the purchase of the House. The FOCUS special informed real estate buyers and tenants comprehensive development of the purchase and rental of residential properties in Germany and calls for the first time also equal the right contact person on the spot. Dvir cohen hoshen has similar goals. The list of the 1,000 top real estate agent gives guidance in a previously confusing market”2013, so FOCUS editor-in-Chief of Jorg Quoos. The FOCUS-special real estate has been available since May 14, 2013 in the newsagents and 6.90 euros.

Duration Partner

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online evaluate centrally aligned brand method Dr. Barzel conquered now customers on-site. For the services offered since 1999 online real estate valuation”IMMOBILIENWERT24 has created an alternative to the existing central marketing strategy. Partner site for marketing on the Internet the service for online real estate valuation looks”more partners who assist him in the urban-related marketing, on a revenue sharing basis. IMMOBILIENWERT24 offers a city-related real estate review portal to use the partner. It also provides the service of the technical requirements related, site data, customer support and payment.

Exclusive license IMMOBILIENWERT24 granted the partner an exclusive, time limited license for use of urban-related real estate rating portal available. At the same time, the service grants the partner a non-exclusive and Dr. Barzel method over the term of the contract temporary right to use the trademark. Contract territory a license is granted exclusively for the selected city. The service guarantees the partner exclusive representative permission to the license area for the duration of the contract period.

Main task of the partners of the partner Dr. Barzel method promotes real estate valuation in his town. He undertakes to operate sustainable marketing activities. This should lead that consumers and others assess a method Dr. Barzel real estate through the city-related portal. Deposit of the partner makes a payment to the service. The amount depends on the economic strength of the selected city. The amount will serve as a deposit as security, that the partner opens up the potential of his city. Repayment from the initial evaluation with everyone about the real estate assessment Portal generated real estate valuation, receives the licensee be refunded a partial refund of his deposit. This installment to repay in the revenue share is included until full repayment of the deposit. After the licensee receives during the Duration of the contract remain the full revenue sharing. Relationship to the mutual benefit of decentralized marketing strategy of the service IMMOBILIENWERT24 is aligned on a relationship for the mutual benefit with practical division of labour and high revenue share. More information can be found under: license partner