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Manager Building

Only active action can bring back an empty building in the market. High vacancy outdated building, peripherality, broker waving off almost every asset manager has real studs in its real estate portfolio. While some of the supposedly bad buildings are only 10 or 15 years old. But new houses in the vicinity have moved the previous tenant to the excerpt or were built specifically for them. What to do?”wonders of the asset manager.

There is little or no rental income, no budget for a comprehensive revitalization. And the situation is worse from year to year. Because vacancy is expensive. Empty houses must be reasonably maintained, the heating system must remain operational, et cetera. In addition to the running costs, the building is increasingly worse.

You should not wait on a spinning market. Active action is needed. Must now be brought to the building from the twilight sleep, outdated rental ideas and usage restrictions of ad acta must be placed. A new concept of use, need clear positioning and a working sales idea. Paired with intelligent communication measures and in the hand of a real Kummerers real estate Gets a second chance. And in the sea of the Lounger, the active Manager is rewarded with success. There are some positive examples from practice. You all are however based on a crucial point: on the decision finally to roll up their sleeves and to act.

Saxony Estate

Change with style – sell with success. The real estate market is a market with many features, which on the one hand real estate are in the nature of the goods, and on the other hand are determined by many different buyers and sellers. Until the late of 1950s, the sellers market situation prevailed in Germany. With the conversion to the buyer’s market at the beginning of the 1960s, the companies are forced to adapt their strategies and market behavior to the changing demands of the customers. The providers of real estate are especially challenged due to the market situation. Supply exceeds demand, so that a pure transmission of information is no longer sufficient. Rethinking the real estate application is urgently needed.

Along with a reliable flow of information is especially appealing presentation, which should be based on more importance. The real estate must be original and slightly different to be noticed. The competition and the variety of objects should be the driving force. She can move, repeatedly, to devise new strategies, to become more attractive for the market and the market participants. One of these innovation strategies is home staging. This service originated in the United States, where it is successful for over three decades. In Europe the real estate although not so long used for sale in scene, but just as successfully.

Meanwhile home staging agencies also offered in many German cities this service. Real estate prepared in this way have a significant advantage over other offerings. You can be sold faster and more expensive. In the area of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia residential degree helps private and commercial provider real estate sales and rental arrangements, marketing and other professional services in the field of home staging. The cost for this is usually no more than 1-2% of the selling price. The property rises in value by approximately 10-15% and their length of time can be reduced to half. The wishful thinking of a real estate on the part of buyers willing to purchase are often governed by constant change, because a dream home to find it hard. The customer must often look for new qualities. When a property on the market, it has to distinguish itself from the other offerings. Because already in the initial survey the customer should feel, to imagine life in exactly this real estate at an early stage. Tatjana Ebert

Web Writer

You can also give your best as chief, given your experience you know that your old job is what he likes in terms of treatment and chances of promotion to a good worker, you will also learn to value and exploit opportunities when they appear. The volatility of the exchange market and the shares or securities also represent a good investment opportunity due to the depreciation that some companies have suffered, this will allow those have some savings to invest their money by taking advantage that large companies have suffered casualties of up to 30% in the value of their shares. So if you decide you have in the future, after the recession an excellent return to when the stock market returns to its initial value is not much to recommend it if you want to make this type of investment is a good advice experienced runner. To save costs, some companies are becoming forward-thinking mode – tele-working – that is, people who previously had to travel to businesses to do their jobs they can do so from their homes (not all charges obviously). This will save the worker to travel, reduce your stress level and improve their quality of life and productivity.

It is highly recommended for companies save significantly since their costs in terms of occupational hazards and disabilities, food supplies, utilities, stationery, among others. Another great advantage of this system is that it enables you to spend more time at home recovering those beautiful family moments that are lost through work duties. Another great advantage of this crisis will be to increase tourism service offerings, thanks to the phenomenon recessive hotels and airline strategies designed very economical for us to travel with a quality five-star service at a price of three. The same price decrease will be seen in other sectors that depend directly on the capital increase of the sector such as automotive, appliance, etc, so … now is the period of opportunity.

In these times of change we must look closely at our opportunities without being drawn into what they say the pessimists, although the crisis is strong is part of the economic nature and is one more cycle, so it is said that in times of crisis some cry and others sell scarves, I chose to be the second group, devising alternatives from a really positive mentality and attitude that appeals to the ingenuity of new possibilities of obtaining resources, which is seeking ways to improve my daily work, and particularly invite you to share with these people full of negativity that the crisis will be disastrous for those who do not open their eyes to the world of possibilities and always remain in conformity, not for a winner like you. Do not lose your way in search of a way of better opportunities for your family and yourself, if you find it, everyone will thank you because your actions give it back progressively to those who have lost jobs, multiply your value while others only divide it, and as the great Albert Einstein “If you are looking for different results, do not always do it” takes away from the group of those who whine and only then, changing paradigms, committing yourself and improve your potential will achieve the long-awaited human state … EXCELLENCE, because not everything is as bad as it looks, because I always worth watching at all the positive, always remember that you are the sole owner of your decisions. I hope that recommendations can be useful in your life, Sincerely, Wilman Roa Franco International facilitator – Psychologist – Web Writer: