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A Story About a Real Estate Deal

It almost a month since your father left and still has not contacted you or your mother, she and other women and are very concerned, the day after one of them makes a terrifying discovery in a newspaper photo of your father and the other men killed by the army, the newspaper says your father and other men were important members of the guerrillas and were planning a major attack in the capital, your father is dead now after enduring so much to cry Like your mother, with each passing day it gets worse, your mother and are thrown into the street, though she became ill try to work seriously, you know it is with sadness of losing your father, are on the streets at night and is raining, you embrace strong to warm you remember what your father did the day he left and you tell your mother – “Mom I’ll take care of”

How could you not do it, I had promised to your father, the rain had finally stopped and the night turned into day with the sunrise, even your mother hugging you break a bit of it to say good morning but lets you see … Frequently Robert Speyer has said that publicly. frightened, she is dead, died in your arms and did nothing to help salts and then running from there crying, continuous crying until no more tears in your body now you’re just no longer live but not die, after many days your instincts take over you, the day becomes night and you have so hungry steal food, but you get caught and will get you your using the little strength you have to flee, causing havoc throughout the square making more people coming after you, at first many but not catching so you let yourself become weary and go, fewer and fewer are now only six or seven those who persecute you, they are armed and not surrender to end fatigue beats you and you are trapped in a dead end, are unhappy and everyone has a machete in his hand, which seems the leader comes over and says, – “damn rat we’ve had hanging around all night, no I’ll just cut off the hands, if you cut the legs so you can not escape again,

“You you look at his face and immediately recognize what is the man who a few months ago your father saved, thank-you remember her face of that day was very different from what you have in that moment, another man comes over and says, – “you have no reason to live, no one cares in this world if you can not take care of yourself is simply not deserve to live “You do not do anything just look at them, the leader is about you, but then heard a scream of one of the men chasing you which was farther you, everyone turned to him while he falls dead and you can see a man in his hand is what looks like a machete, but is longer and seems to shine, some of the men shouted: – “what’s wrong you’re crazy !

But the mysterious man said nothing pounced on them at high speed and with his brilliant weapon kill them one by one until only the man who was going to cut the legs when he saw that this man dropped his weapon and kneel began to mourn for mercy, saying that he wanted to see their children, the mysterious man stood before he raised his gun and with one blow killed him, now the man walks towards you, you look in the eyes, approaches and telling reaches out with a smile on his face: – “I like to come with me” The noise of helicopters landing on the roof brings back, it seems that the reinforcements have arrived, look at your target lies dead at your feet and say – “a little late do not believe it, but still we must welcome them,” You press the handle of your sword, the wound on your arm hurts increasing but still not done, you set forth to run to meet your enemies..

Skin Care

Egg white makes a pretty mild face mask. Do not over dry skin, moisturize with a light lotion. Aim to restore the skin acid alkaline balance to the sebaceous glands to stop producing such large amounts of oil. Astringent and cleansing herbs are generally the best way to choose when treating an oily skin. These are: cinquefoil, sage, comfrey, cucumber, dandelion, horsetail, Sempervivum, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm, lemon grass, lemon grass, marigold, mint, parsley, sage, witch hazel and yarrow. Let us not forget that many herbs are suited to all skin types and chamomile (many inflammatory herbs and anti-building, primrose, fennel, lettuce, elder flower, orange blossom, rose, violet) are suitable for oily skin .

Combination skin types The person with this type of skin you have to follow two beauty routines, one for dry areas, and one for the fat. You may find REBNY to be a useful source of information. I think the balance of fat more easily in areas of skin such that when the entire face is oily, so do not despair. Sensitive skin type This skin is usually fine textured and often prone to the veins and red spots. Keep the light oils and lotions for cleansing and moisturizing, toners and herbal soft and compresses to soothe the skin and reduce redness and veins. Normally it is advisable for people with sensitive skin to maintain away from stimulating herbs (lavender, lime, mint, nettle, sage, lemon balm, summer savory, thyme). The matte skin: dull skin has lost the flower of the vitality and the soft glow of renewal. It seems dull and lifeless. Its acid balance has slipped.

If fat or skin pores of great use diluted cider vinegar or lemon juice or cucumber juice to balance it. If dry skin, use buttermilk or cucumber juice. Skin Type largest wholesalers of the skin can be toned and softened and restored much of its former beauty. The skin is wonderfully regenerating organ, given encouragement. Use a light hand with makeup, if you must use it, as this dries and ages the skin. Other factors that can affect the skin’s foundation of a healthy, beautiful skin is diet. Are you getting sufficient polyunsaturated fats? These are essential for healthy skin and do not cause facial oiliness. They are found in cereal grains, nuts and cold pressed nut and vegetable oils. A lot of vitamin C is essential for beautiful skin and underlying collagen and elastin, the union and structural substances that set the tone and endurance. There is no need for tablets. Eat bean sprouts, green and red peppers, black currants, oranges and lemons. Then there are guavas and rosehips, so your diet should not be restricted or dull. There are an infinite variety to suit all tastes. Lack of vitamin A can cause dryness of the skin. Eat dandelion, parsley, watercress, carrots, pumpkins, celeriac. If your skin is unbalanced, either flaky or too oily skin or if your lips, then check the consumption of foods with vitamin B Avena, year, bran, goat’s milk, whole rice, sunflower seeds, sprouted seeds and grains are some of the sources.

Paintings On Canvas To Decorate Your Home

The home decor is always a tricky question, because even within a family, a marriage or roommate, accounting for taste there is nothing written. Robert J. Shiller understands that this is vital information. It must then find compromises to satisfy all parties and propose solutions that meet the expectations of everyone. The pictures on canvas are a way to combine several aspects, since not only are photographs on a canvas, but are also a potential source of insipiration that allows him free rein to the imagination of anyone. Since you can print any photo, either digital or analog, there’s no need to be a professional photo, to make a table cloth. Analog pictures are scanned or downloaded into the computer digital photos, send them to the service provider who cares then print the photos using industrial printers ensure excellent resolution of the pigments. When printing a picture on canvas is dry, it tends in a wooden frame, dressed in very professional hands. The product is a set of manual and mechanical work that offers stability at all costs. When you receive the product given, or is hung on the wall of your choice, or seek advice from the supplier, who is available to the client, in case of inquiries, complaints and any other information. Paintings on canvas are a way to reconcile divergent views, since not only reveal personal photographs, but also works of artists, professional or amateur photographers. In addition to the very many opportunities to customize their own way, also proposed various prices and various sizes that will suit every budget and every wall.

For Rent: Nomads Nobody Must Shun

Limited liquidity and fearing loss of rent deterred many people interested in the acquisition of foreign real estate investments in closed-end real estate funds as about the SHB funds, offer themselves as a strong alternative to some insurance companies, special policies against rental nomads recently offered apartment landlords. Replace at least a short-term loss of rent and in some cases also the costs of remediation. Expert on growth strategy can provide more clarity in the matter. A market clearly exists, because it is estimated that every year about 15,000 cases cause average losses of 25,000 euros each. The dream of the good yield with rented real estate property can be so quickly into a nightmare. “But in danger not only of payment recalcitrant tenants, explains Hans Gruber, real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG): attracted by low interest real estate loans, many home buyers in a financing, which he can no longer shoulder due to lack of equity already in term stumbles.” Many inventory objects like though due to their outer appearances in the spell of pull and lead to quick buying decisions. But not infrequently is overrated behind infectious structures and a possibly existing refurbishment needs not detected, or simply underestimated.

“The SHB real estate fund expert describes the impending consequences: then the apartment owner does not have the necessary liquidity, an unforeseen renovation or repair expenses can cost many thousand euros it, that he must in turn borrow at high interest rates at a bank.” The desired rental yield pulverize themselves then formally. Yet”, so Hans Gruber, too little equity must stop anyone from the acquisition of real estate.” Investments in closed-end real estate funds are already available for manageable amounts. And with one in regard to the current market conditions not high enough to estimated a flexibility. The concept of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG), for example, stipulates that only the initial investment is specifically made in any new funds. All other objects in the respective SHB funds implemented depending on result of the actual volume of the Fund and the current market situation. “Hans Gruber explains that the advantage: the Fund volume can be adjusted so any variable and fund management depending on the placement of capital and the development of the initial investment respond.” Beneficial to the SHB funds is that they all invest not in living but in commercial real estate, because the latter market is not so overheated as the private sector. The current offer price index IMX ImmobilienScout24 has just revealed how it currently is in residential real estate. Then, existing buildings in Munich have risen in the first quarter of 2012 by 5.4 per cent and in Berlin by 4.9 percent. More than the 30 times a year rent to be paid sometimes for luxury apartments.

Baumag At Expo Real In Munich

The stage for Europe’s real estate and locations baumag developed sustainable construction solutions for better quality of life. Client representation ensures quality – baumag general building construction projects manages on behalf of the building owners and represents their interests comprehensively and in all phases of the project. Project development for baumag covers the entire process chain: from the initial idea of a real estate project, the preliminary project study, assessing the efficiency to control the technical feasibility, the concrete construction project realization. As a general contractor or provider: the holistic implementation of construction projects is one of the core competencies of baumag General construction. In this function we have Switzerland successfully implemented a variety of projects in the fields of industry, trade, services, health, education and housing. As a general contractor or provider we plan and realize the reconstruction, renovation and refurbishment of existing real estate. Whether large or small project, single-family or multi-family home, apartment, industrial Hall, Commercial building, Office or public building.

From reconstruction planning up to implementation baumag General construction offers a comprehensive range of services in this area. As general contractor, the complete project realization assumes baumag. Here, prices, dates and quality are guaranteed. Provider belongs to the contractually guaranteed service package of the baumag also planning. For this purpose, we cooperate with renowned external design offices and architects. The benefits on the client side: A single work contract creates maximum relief in all phases of a construction project. Because we take the project-bound processing, supervision, quality control and decrease of structural performance.

Human Development

We intend to make our study of social and linguistic basis and also share with you some interesting facts concerning the various types of fear and loathing with which we fought every day six thousand five hundred million renters the most beautiful planet in the cosmos. The agrafobia is well justified in the present day, where there is so much perversiony aberration: it is the fear of sexual abuse. Parents should have a certain amount of this fear, not only to protect themselves, but to care for small creatures, and avoid ill-trances at a time like ours with so many outrageous everywhere. There is another phobia which suffered some parliamentarians of certain regions of the country where the respective chamber sits in the middle and has the presence of television, their victims are often particularly those who represent the most remote regions. This aversion is the alodoxafobia. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with REBNY.

It consists of the fear of reviewers. They may suffer shy students of any grade or institution and in general every person forced to give its opinion on any subject. It is obviously not Phobia typical of most people whose work takes them to perform in public life. But referring to other issues let me ask you a question: YHA you heard by chance of philanthropists? No, quiet, good people do not suffer from these phobias, in contrast, are those people, much like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, characterized by love for his fellow man and his works for the good of the community. Otherwise is the misanthropic, people who, for his grim humor, expressed aversion to humane treatment.

Someone very like this is the androfobo: anyone affected by an aversion to the man and, by extension, the human race. If you just remember your best friend should stop being such a bad idea. And if not, should change as a friend. Following the androfobia, is probably the disease that the authors are victims of massacres and terrorist attacks. But there is a even more accurate term to refer to those who hate the citizens born in England: Anglophobia. Consists of fear or revulsion in England, British English or anything, including customs, religion and language of this important nation. God forgive those who express their phobias so painful for humanity to the verge of becoming true antropofobos, which is designated as those who are afraid, fear or hatred of humans. r is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events. Contact him through the cell corrreo or call her at 300 8055526. Visit his page.

Pet Rabbits

Today the best option for a family pet is the rabbit, as it does not need to go for a walk three times a day and does not need much care. Rabbits are animals very quiet yet the most loving and are expressed by body gestures. They can come near you and ask for a bit of affection is what they need, in fact like to be petted on the head. They also quickly learn to respond in a name and you come to giving him some encouragement. Rabbits are conformists animals that adapt to the conditions imposed on them, this means that do not need a large place to live. Please note that these beautiful animals like to eat whatever you have in front, the legs of tables, cables, etc.., Then beware of letting this kind of thing in their power because they can lose what they have not won one so be careful. Like cats, rabbits do not need a bath, they clean themselves.

In the U.S., Britain, Denmark and other European countries are pet rabbits most popular. Also like dogs, there are over 50 breeds including different colors, sizes, hair and position of the ears. These small animals are very loving, sociable, colleagues and their ability to adapt to a place almost immediately. Like other pets, feeding of rabbits is very easy because it is based on food for rabbits to be bought at any pet store and some other fruits and vegetables such as apples, lettuce, carrot. Thinking also of those who have children, the rabbit is an animal advisable as it gets along very well with everyone and this is not dangerous and can be left in the company of children. Professor Rita McGrath has compatible beliefs. For the care of these animals is recommended to clean the cage as well if not cleaned often the rabbit may have allergies or outbreaks like any other animal that you clean the cage. And if they realize that when this had bought your rabbit flea powder We shall then use the cat flea is much more effective and it can not hurt the rabbit.

I will give you advice as to the Feeding these. Put him concentrate 2 tablespoons At each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner and after that, and for dessert you can give one of the fruits or vegetables that name. Note also these five indications. 1. If your rabbit has soft stools for a few days stop the vegetable or fruit that has given him. Then give it back to get used to eating. 2. Provide clean water all the time. 3. Clean the cage at least twice a week. 4. When you see your rabbit has long nails then take it to the vet to trim them and pay attention to how it is done so that you can do it next time.

Maicao: Prosperous City Of Colombia

Today Maicao presents itself based on several aspects that makes any city promising, vigorous and far from the misfortunes that he predicted when he finished the trade boom of the seventies. These are some reasons to believe in the future of “The Land of Corn”: 1. Its multiculturalism: the maicaeros communicate in several languages, attend churches of various religious denominations and its members live together in a brotherly hug and happy colony of the largest Arab country, hundreds of African descent Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Santander paisas laborious and enterprising, a tiny group of Chinese and some Ecuadorian indigenous Wayuu our beloved. In Maicao there is also one of the most important chapters Zenu all that exist outside the borders of Cordoba and Sucre. Maicao is undoubtedly a tribute to racial diversity.

2. Maicao young and proud of city living in Maicao currently three generations. The first is that of immigrants who made their settlements and are proud of the city that helped build the second is that of their children, the first generation born maicaeros who began to write their own history since the time opened their eyes and looked around and found a people pleasing, generous and kind. In the third generation of more “big boy” should be in the twenty years and is composed by young people from about twenty years, they have a strong sense of identity and a high sense of belonging as maicaeros. 3. Maicao that growing: At present about 150 thousand people live, walk, breathe and dream in the nearly one hundred quarters of its urban area. Growth has not been properly ordered, it must be said, but the capital of the border was extended to give shelter to those who are here to stay and those born on its soil.

4. A Maicao-Maicao: long lectured to Maicao is the title of “City of a floating population” this evil myth was used even to deny certain rights to which had access by virtue of its population. After the crisis of trade in the nineties and early twenty-first century the population stabilized and now we can say that whoever is in Maicao, will be forever. 5. Maicao resilient: Maicao economy was like a roller coaster with some extreme ups and some downs impressive. Even in some periods their situation looked more like a slide because it entered a period of irreversible decline in their business. But there is something that makes it in a special land: facing a crisis and again and always survived and was strengthened. Today Maicao has a vigorous life and learned not to live off the sale of foreign goods. Gone are the days when he ran ahead of the death certificate. Today he provides not only a long life but he sees a bright future built by a proud generation of his own.

Professional Home Building

Timber Homes and Manufactured Homes. The comfort, quality of life and return to nature are important concerns for those who acquire a detached house. Many are now responding to these concerns in a prefabricated house of wood. Ecology and respect for the environment today concerns the majority of citizens. Among all construction materials, wood is the only natural and renewable. The transformation process of wood for use in construction is very simple and requires very little power when compared with other methods of obtaining materials.

Forests are the lungs of the Earth. Read additional details here: Professor Rita McGrath. The lung from which all life depends on us. The fruit of a well maintained forest wood is the most ecological of all materials. The wooden house is a house that breathes. The wood absorbs and expels moisture thus regularizing the indoor environment. Helps prevent rheumatic ailments and respiratory problems, to stabilize the humidity, filter and purify the air. The field natural bio-electrical wood also provides a state of equilibrium in the human body.

The constructions of wood and wood interiors, by themselves act in isolation, contrary to what happens with other materials. The possibility of increasing these values more easily than in traditional systems, with minor loss of floor space, making the wood is a material widely used in countries with extreme climates. We have the option prefabricated, being able to combine both, we refer to the walls with plasterboard and acoustic insulation. The acoustic properties of the wooden house are the optimum. The wood absorbs the waves it receives. The wooden house is a quiet house, reducing the stress of their inhabitants. And contrary to what many people believe, wood is a good building material. Still others believe that wooden structures only last a few decades: This is very far from reality. You will find many wooden structures from centuries in the beautiful houses Spanish field. And wood is one of the few materials they age naturally. The extensive use of wood throughout the world shows that the many advantages of wood greatly exceed the disadvantages.