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National System

Capitulations be reflected in the assets that each brings back and consider them proprietary, though, in whole or in part, Dower have had character before the payment made on account of separation. A lack of capitulation or if they are ineffective, the scheme will be to the conjugal partnership. In Article 301 of the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 provides that in the scheme of society of acquisitions may be property of each spouse and assets of the corporation. In Article 327 of the Code provides that in the regime of separate estates, each spouse retains fully the ownership, management and disposition of its present and future assets and it has the fruit and products of such property. 20. The Registration Law registry law did not exist in Roman law, but the same way German law, and this happens to other States as the Spanish state and hence the Peruvian State. The registry law is not part of civil law, but we discussed this area of law that is regulated in part by the two codes are compared to the Peruvian Civil Code 1984 and 1889 Spanish Civil Code.

The registry law is becoming increasingly important especially in the Peruvian law from the National System of Public Records. It is necessary to clarify that under Spanish law the registry law is more developed than in the Peruvian law. The registration law is intended to be knowable and certain contract rights and the lease and option contract is difficult to understand the property rights without fully studying the registry law.


The teaching of standard rules is crucial, because the same way children and young people a sense of respect for the laws and rulers. 9) teaching of the constitution can be similar to the customs or traditions that parents transmit to their children. Which persist in the unconscious of men, hence the most often manifest as a result of mental structure are beings during their life, which is retained for a long period of time, in some cases throughout life. In this way you can analyze whether the constitution does men better or makes them worse than they were.

The constitution for a country represents the source of understanding that allows you to analyze the structures of the executive, legislative and judicial. 11) the constitution is not one of the creations made by the sensationalist propaganda, of being the majority of people know her and in turn the use of a vulgar way. That is, reportedly cited for a time, like a kind of fashion, then forget it at all would be part of their interests. 12) What is most pleasing to the light of reason and understanding of men, is knowledge of the laws, which are kings. If one has such understanding people understand the concept of national dignity. 13) men who possess wisdom know how to educate their children.