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Construction Materials

Yielding to an external high-quality charm designs handmade, home made of logs and profiled bar does not concede to them the quality of performance indicators, while possessing a low cost. However, there is one myth that you can often hear from future homeowners: "Round beam is much worse than hand-chopped logs, because with it removed a "protective layer or the most durable fiber. In fact, the tree trunk is composed of bark, sapwood, and the nucleus. Robert Speyer shines more light on the discussion. The bark is a protective layer of wood, like the skin of rights. Sapwood – it is a young wood that surrounds the nucleus, it is responsible for the supply of juice to the tree crown and the most susceptible to all sorts of biological and physical lesions. Kernel – is ripe wood, it is sap turned into pitch, and it is this part of the tree is biologically and physically very strong. According to the new technologies of modern technology for production houses of logs and profiled bar, unlike traditional technology is more complex.

On it blank for the future construction material is dried in the chamber to 18-22% moisture, and after is profiled in a log or timber. Such technology has advantages over traditional technology of the logs of natural humidity. During the drying process, forced or natural chamber in the wooden house, a log will inevitably crack. But after the drying chamber can advantageously positioned workpiece on the machine that is in place the largest cracks to make "lunar groove or compensatory drink. As a result, the walls of the future house, cracking will be minimized, and the cracks will be smaller size compared to log the natural moisture dried up in the wall. It is also important to note that the surface of the logs from a dry piece will have a smooth, polished look and will not be "Mohr" over time. Except improved aesthetics to minimize cracking in the horizontal direction reduces the thermal conductivity of the wall, house gets warmer. Risk of deformation of logs in the wall due to their shrinkage is minimized, since the logs were made even from a dry piece, so all connections and joints logs receive a guaranteed warmer.

Dry wood does not rot and fungal staining, in addition, it is better absorbs the antiseptic and paint products, which significantly increases the durability of the structure. Reduced construction time, as the shrinkage of the carcass from the dried material reaches only up to 3%, not 8.7% as the material of natural moisture, so finishing can be performed immediately and the period of construction on a turnkey basis can be reduced to 6 months instead of 1.5 years. Thus, the house chopped by hand – is the choice of a wealthy man who finds charm in massive logs of different diameters. House made of logs or profiled bar – to select a pragmatist who appreciates the microclimate of wooden houses. Log house from the dry material – choice of modern man, who appreciates only the highest quality of life.

Super Apartment

You are attracted only rosy promises smiling staff and Super-low prices services. A thorough study conditions of the contract we have, alas, is not accepted. You selected realtors regularly, once a week, provide options for your consideration, which is absolutely far from the designated in the contract. Finally, you lose patience and come into the office to collect documents for the apartment and find another broker. But officials point out to you on the item signed by you personally contract under which you have no right to sell their apartment without the participation of the company within a certain period. A leading source for info: Jerry Speyer. Here also there is another paragraph, which states that in case of early rupture of the contract at your initiative, you undertake to pay the company half a percent of sales Apartments in compensation. Now I understand that you are a victim of fraud, but the threats bring to prosecution the case, unfortunately, no progress will not lead. There are several reasons. Firstly, the term of the contract does not expired, and the firm, though rarely, but still finds potential buyers.

Confirm the fact that fraud is not possible. Yes, and company lawyer can transparently hinted that the aggravation of the situation can loss of documents on your apartment. Others who may share this opinion include Nobel Laureate in Economics. Each, in fact, it happens And most importantly, that no legal violations is not here, because the bilateral agreement signed on the basis of civil relationships. And even the court if, prior to it comes to that, here is powerless. Prospective buyer drove himself to a standstill, and all because of what is not familiar with the contents of the paper that so imprudently signed. A company fraudulently receive just 500 to 700 dollars. To avoid falling victim to these criminals, we should observe some simple rules: Never give original documents, only copies. If the company insists – it should be alerted immediately. Do not sign any paper as long as the meaning of each sentence you will not be clear. Ideally, should consult with an independent lawyer. If the company is unable to make a determination on all the items that interest you, then there danger of becoming a victim of scams. Housing fraudsters use in their work and the very latest digital technology. There are middlemen who rent apartments on forged documents, and then change photograph in the documents confirming the identity of the owner. In fact, the apartment gets a new owner. Using false papers criminals get in the middle of real estate all the necessary permits to sell the apartment. Buyers are quick, as the price of an apartment is much lower than the market. To avoid becoming a victim of such frauds will never surrender their documents of any representatives of any company under any pretext whatsoever personally is present at all absolutely transactions. And if you get a good apartment at a record low price, consider: Is it possible, in addition you get a whole bunch of court showdown with cheated owners spent a lot of nerves, time and money. And not the fact that the apartment will remain with you. Galina city. Information system BrokBand All real estate articles to BrokBand.Com.


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