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Household Fans

Household Fans are designed for the organization of supply or exhaust ventilation of dwelling houses or offices, for ventilation of bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. Well as to domestic fans are outdoor and desktop, portable ventilators, which are used mainly in the hot season. On a design all household fans can be divided into axial and centrifugal. Axial fans have spinning rotor, which is a blade. During the rotation of the axial fan blades to come into contact with air and moving it. The air moves along the axis of rotation of the axial fan. Household Fans axial pose no great pressure of the air, but provide better performance in the air, that is, able to distill large volumes of air.

Axial fans are simple both in manufacture and in installation, why most domestic fans exactly axial. Another type – is centrifugal fans, which are also called radial. In contrast, axial, centrifugal fans in the direction of air intake and direction of its submission do not match. Air is sucked through the inlet into the fan inlet air moves along the axis of rotation of the fan. A leading source for info: The LeFrak Organization. The blades of the centrifugal fan is rotated in the air fans and centrifugal force air presses against the walls of the fan housing and exits through the outlet. The direction of motion of the air outlet perpendicular to the direction of motion incoming air.

Centrifugal fans are more common in industrial ventilation systems, because they can create more pressure and, accordingly, move air over a greater distance. However, among domestic fans are centrifugal. Household Fans usually come in two designs – wall and channel. Wall fans – it is always axial fans. Wall-mounted fan is directly on the wall of the ventilated room in the place where they brought into the room air duct. If necessary, wall-mounted fan can run on both the inflow and in the hood, depending on the direction of rotation. Duct household fans installed in the duct and can be both axial and centrifugal. If you use a centrifugal fan, the place of its installation duct changes direction by 90 degrees. Duct fans can also be supply and exhaust. Household Fans are designed for heavy use, they work from the mains voltage of 220 V, the vast majority of household Fan made of plastic. The use of steel or other metals in the domestic environment unnecessarily increases the cost of the fan. The most simple model of household fan on and off manually. More complex models can be fitted with accessories: sensors, timers, etc. This allows you to automate the operation of the fan. Fans for bathrooms provide appropriate moisture sensors that make household fan will turn on itself when the moisture content exceeds the prescribed level, and will work as long as the humidity returns to normal. An infrared sensor may include the fan if the room there are people. The timer allows the fan to run automatically after a certain time and control the duration of his work. For example, the timer can be used for household fan in the toilet, the fan switched on when the light and worked on the hood for several minutes after the light to remove any unpleasant odors. The fan can be fitted with closing flaps, which act as check valve and block the duct when the fan is turned off.

Bulgarian Property Market

The price of real estate in Bulgaria has increased significantly in the last quarter of 2008, compared to the same period last year. According to the company Knight Frank, to investigate the dynamics of property prices in 43 countries, the price of real estate Bulgaria has increased by more than 32 percent compared with the previous period in 2007. In general, over the past two years, growth in property prices in Bulgaria amounted to almost 70%. Despite the forecasts of analysts and real estate in Bulgaria, who reported a slowdown in growth and even stagnation in certain segments of the Bulgarian property market, the overall positive trend is a fact. According to a study in Western Europe, real estate prices remain stability, tending to reduce the insignificant, while in Eastern Europe and Asia, growth in real estate prices continues. The fall in house prices recorded in 12 countries, led by Latvia, Estonia and … USA.

In recent months, Bulgarian analysts have to admit the fact of the slowdown in the property market, however, many experts continue to assert that the lull in the market – a temporary phenomenon. Slowdown growth of the Bulgarian property market, analysts attributed to several key factors – the surplus of new housing, not the most favorable mortgage terms and too sharp an initial spurt in prices, which led to the overvaluation of certain segments of the real estate market. Learn more at: Robert J. Shiller. Despite the factors that retard the growth of prices in the market, experts believe that in the next few years, the trend in the Bulgarian property market will only positive. The reason is the liquid properties are located in the resort areas of Bulgaria, and in the cities, which attract primarily farsighted investor. For the investor, the least inclined to take risks, the most interesting segment of the Bulgarian property market, it is commercial property. This segment is least likely to stagnate in the current environment and is therefore preferable to investment. One of the most popular places where investors continue to invest their money, is Sophia, however, do not shoot from the accounts and the regional centers in Bulgaria, such as Varna, Burgas and Pleven.

Professional Interior Textiles

It just so happened that the interior of the premises catering, we paid much more attention than the rest of the world. This is due probably to the fact that for us, a visit to a restaurant or a trendy coffee shop, if not quite exceptional event, certainly not daily. This is to distract from the bustle of the working day or spend an evening in a pleasant an extraordinary situation, which differs from the home. And the more it differs, the more reasons to come. In addition, many recognized that if they come into a new place and they just do not like the interior, they can leave immediately, without even trying, what there kitchen. Successful interior – is a technique that allows restaurant to earn money.

Probably no exaggeration to say that textiles in interior decoration of restaurants plays a crucial role. As a rule, in the arsenal of popular restaurants exists at least Two sets of textiles – one for everyday use and one for banquets and celebrations. Restaurants that claim to hit the premium segment, have greater wardrobe. They can have summer and winter versions of textile design, set for celebrations: Presentations or anniversaries, romantic linens for weddings, elegant exquisite textiles corporate events, etc. In order to textile design restaurant or cafe created a certain atmosphere, it must be done in accordance with the concept of institution. If a restaurant or coffee shop refers to the ethnic type, the design must be connected to its subjects.

Modern Furniture Production

Fortunately, modern furniture production now has better technical equipment and can easily fulfill whims of clients. Of course, it is worth noting furniture made of glass, most often – tables, shelves. Glass on its a "cool" stuff, but, of course, the furniture out of it looks elegant, air, and sometimes very original. However, do not forget that glass furniture is a dangerous piece of furniture in your house. If you have children, large pets, or do you like loud, large parties – the glass tables or shelves can bring you the trouble. Whatever the thickness of the glass was not – it is still glass and traumatic material.

Another thing acrylic plastic (acrylic). It's easy, may not be so transparent as glass, but it is not so fragile, it can be bent into any shape, drilling, cutting. Increasingly, furniture design – studio offer interesting options, namely acrylic. Fancy chairs, break, an unusual form of cabinets, multi-level, different shapes inlaid shelves, it's just a small part of the violence of imagination of designers. The only disadvantage of such refinements is a big cost of such furniture. In the future, when the market will be "swamped" acrylic – the price certainly will drop and become affordable for the average Russian family, but until such refinements can not afford it. To want advise future owners of the furniture. By the same author: Robert J. Shiller. Do not buy a serial furniture, but it is much cheaper than to order, so you can take right now.

However, your apartment is thus lose individuality, besides the fact that it is not harmoniously fit into your interior. Better to let you wait a week – two, but will receive furniture, which they themselves invented, took into account all the details and discussed with experts of all times, picked colors and materials. Torment designers, as long as you do not make such a project, from which you will be ecstatic. Leaves it to you of course more expensive than the serial furniture, but to please you, it will be much more, then come back the holiday spirit with purchase of new furniture in our apartment. Individuality of your home!