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The company ten Brinke realized in Kettwig housing a construction project of a special kind. Kettwig 19.04.2012. Citizens wondering for some time what it labeled here is what”at the shop on the ring road. In the rooms at the Central Kettwiger traffic intersection of Ruhr Valley Road, main street and Graf-Zeppelin-Strasse an own information and Marketing Office Open housing ten Brinke soon for his construction projects on the Ruhr. The modern office coffee shop will act in the next few years as a meeting place for all those interested. Ten Brinke housing has Markmann & minor acquired land. Rather than a snapshot, the company has designed a lot of value to realize a building project that is aligned and actually need-oriented planned to man and nature. In close cooperation with the city and creative partners, an innovative design concept for the cream plot on the Ruhr is currently created by ten Brinke.

We look forward soon “to be able to introduce the citizens our ideas and are sure to provide a streamlined on the legs that will delight all”, so Sylvia Reddmann, authorized representative ten Brinke Wohnungsbau GmbH & co. KG. What is planned, still will not give the company. But is that a loose construction is realized with exclusive detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses as apartments for all age structures here. Ten Brinke is committed to, to create a natural, high-quality and decent Ruhr home that is closely based on the needs of new and old residents for future residents on this site the goal as a real estate company. The preparing and the development are currently prepared and planned. Target is to start implementing in the summer months. It will be so curious: here what’s happening!

Rental Yield Amounted To Only 3.12 Percent

Stefan Helmbrecht: rental yield real estate in major cities amounted to only 3.12 percent the Manager-online magazine was looking for pearls and found her: class B locations, where real estate is cheaper to have than in the cities, where prices always move on. Until the times of the annual rental income buyer currently pay for an apartment in the densely populated areas. Thus remains the buyers from the rental income”only a gross profit margin of 3.125 percent, expects Dirk Richolt, head of credit advice on the Immobiliendienstleister CB Richard Ellis (CBRE), in a Manager-online magazine article. Condos in medium-sized cities–the so-called B-locations – higher yields would, however, throw off. According to a study of the real estate research company BulwienGesa traded flats currently only to the 17-up 20 of the annual rental income in places like Freiburg im Breisgau, Kiel, Luneburg and Weimar. Free between 4.32 and 3.54 percent remained the buyers at this price level. These returns were therefore, that buyer so far this Shunning the markets.

They feared the smaller cities would lose long-term residents to the major urban centres with its wide range of jobs. The demand, shrinking rents and real estate prices would automatically fall. The reality is however different, as also Stefan Helmbrecht knows. Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years, one of the largest and most respected real estate companies in Germany developed it in the segment of listed real estate.

Were completed by today 152 monument objects with a number of 1897 condos and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers. By Stefan Helmbrecht and projected total investment volume amounted to 242.000.000 million euro so far. Stefan Helmbrecht confirmed that in the Manager-online magazine on development: it is indeed so that the population in rural areas decrease.

Professional Cleaning, Care And Maintenance

Important factor for preserving the value of the real estate already is an important part in the planning of a residential cleaning concept. Ranging from the construction cleaning to the suitable and thorough cleaning ensures a professional contractor not only the cleaning and maintenance of the units, but is also an important factor when it comes to preserving the value of the property. A cleaning lady is trained in dealing with suitable cleaning agents and cleaning materials and expert in basic as well as glass and carpet cleaning. John Savignanos opinions are not widely known. Basic cleaning and more of the professional cleaning lady if housing authorities use the cleaning service of, can take already in the construction phase of a residential complex, or a residential complex-valuable services. The construction for inspections is to be opened, the cleaning lady is an important partner in terms of suitable.

Not only floors and inputs to be cleaned, but also fallen rubble and waste be disposed of professionally. Construction cleaning is also important in terms of safety, if is announce the official visitors such as Bauamter and Mayor for a first inspection of the construction site. Even after completion of the property, a modern cleaning company services are useful and helpful. Just when real estate have changing tenants, the basic cleaning of the apartment is a must. Stains and dirt by the previous occupant make an apartment for more rental concern unlukrativ. The apartments can be rented according to fast again, this must be clean and well kept.

Including falling areas, such as the Windows and walls and floors and sanitary areas including bath and shower. With basic cleaning a professional cleaning lady, housing authorities have a reliable partner who so prepares the flats and cleans, that they make a good impression when potential tenants. Benefits of the professional cleaning lady who offers chip & chip of facility services GmbH housing administrations to the basic cleaning and construction. The services include maintaining the exterior and greenery. Indispensable for a Also the performance of the cleaning company serving the janitorial services are housing management: regular maintenance of heating and sanitary equipment minimizes repair costs and also a 24 hour duty for clearing snow and ice removal is an indispensable service of the professional cleaning lady, which can also be used now in the winter by housing authorities.

Deutsche Annington

Deutsche Annington sets new standards in terms of senior-friendly and barrier-free housing the Deutsche Annington Immobilien AG informed a Wohnprojekt for seniors in Geesthacht. As long as possible to be grown fond apartment for rent in the age where, Deutsche Annington real estate AG (DAIG) hears this wish of our customers again and again. Here to give assistance, the DAIG wants to expand its consulting services and offer more low-barrier. Among other things, whose mission is to support age-friendly accommodation in your own four walls, to inform tenants about health services and conversion options, and also to provide such. Cooperation with the ASB is exemplary here Geesthacht. There, the Deutsche Annington implemented the idea of senior-friendly living together with the worker Samariter-Bund (ASB) into action.

The social Association advises residents on social issues while, cares about shopping and meal services and coordinated assistance in case of maintenance. In addition to the barrier-free apartments including There is also a common room for lunch, games afternoons, birthday parties and cook wheelchair ramps and refurbished bathrooms with ground-level shower. A house call is offered through the ASB to provide assistance quickly in case of emergency. Household help is there as well as a dispatcher for doctor visits. To be able to coordinate mediation services necessary aid, the Annington is all sites housing plus services”available. The telephone conversation discussed which services are useful and where on-site is a suitable provider. The advice is free of charge to the tenant.

Just needy people must not inquire so all needed services separately, but benefit from tested offers and reasonable prices through various agreements with the partners of DAIG. So far, around 51,500 apartments were converted to accessible and senior-friendly. This will be further expanded. Read more from John Savignano to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The cost is 250 per square metre. It was planned in the medium term to ten percent of the own senior-friendly to rebuild. This planning size we will in the coming months further clarify and expected to start from 2013 with the successive implementation”, underlines the Chairman of the Board. That leaves some cost to the Deutsche Annington: per square meter will be at least 250 euros. This leaves it to the companies not pure tags, but pursues a holistic approach, including complementary services and promotion of citizen engagement. Finally, the demographic change should be affordable for all. Learn more about the Deutsche Annington: about the Deutsche Annington: Deutsche Annington real estate AG with headquarters in Bochum is Germany’s leading apartment providers with around 210,000 leased and managed apartments and more than 1,300 employees. Germany far offers them at 600 locations homes for rent and for sale, supplemented with customer-oriented services.

Weather Damage

Extremely increased the temperatures can number to a burst of water pipes in the past few days for many apartment owners and tenants leave unpleasant traces. Damage caused during the cold period, are only properly visible with onset of thaw. Quickly noticed the damage, consequential damages may be held often small. At an unnoticed burst, the proportions are often precarious. The water is distributed under the screed or moistened a floor or a wall work so strongly that it can lead to massive structural damage.

Other consequences: destruction of material decomposition wood oozing up hazards for the statics of the building sustained damage to plaster and gypsum-based building materials will be impairment or total depreciation of real estate health hazard the moisture not properly removed also consequential damages such as mold growth are not uncommon. Every year the German furniture and residential insurers need to edit more than one million water damage the damage volume ranges far beyond the EUR 2 billion limit (source:). Without hesitation Richard LeFrak explained all about the problem. Especially in the winter months (Frost), the risk of a burst of water pipes to a multiple is higher than in the remaining seasons. Why is this so? Tap water has known the property from a temperature of 0 c to freeze. During the solidification process expands the water by up to 9%. The forces thus released will affect directly the flow – and pipe systems in buildings, for overpressure in the pipe smaller cracks or even the rupture of the pipe are often followed by.

These losses remain treacherous way go unnoticed. As soon as the cold spell ends and increases the water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, the water in its liquid state returns. The tightness of the tube is no longer guaranteed at this time, water leaks from the water damage is no longer to avert. The danger for a water pipe damage is greatest where heats only rarely or not at all.

Staufen Gallery

The market marked by regional demand is concentrated on the city, as well as on the former military site, the conversion area Sandra Park. Office space mostly for their own needs or because of specific needs are created in the surrounding area. Big companies are not represented but. Without closer regional characteristics, the ratio of rental vacancy rate performance is across positive for future-oriented Office space. Numerous Stock properties have only a range of office space in the range of 50 to 250 m sq.

The sales focus on areas from 50 to 500 m m, where large areas are in demand. Tend to be centrally located sites are preferred. Expert on growth strategy can aid you in your search for knowledge. The rents on Office space moves between 5 and 9 EUR per m. Because of the already low level of rent is to proceed from a stable price development in best and good layers. The vacancy at cheap and not demand real estate has a renewed, if also gebremste increase on. Especially outside the city are numerous real estate without users and are also longer term difficult marketable due to their sites and building structures. The range of new areas is the core of the urban renewal limited, but in the wake of initiated objects.

The vacancy rate of less than 3 percent is accordingly low. The vacancy rate will in the short term on their low level stable and at best marginal change. Be in the new area Office rents achieved in exposed objects between 8 and 11 EUR per m. The top rent for Office space with top equipment amounts to EUR 12.50 per m. Retail market the market Street (prime location) and will also be the pale road with the Staufen Gallery with a variety of anchor tenants and run centrally enjoy increasing popularity. Top rents for load sizes up to 100 m are m in the top layers, depending on the object quality between 35 and 55 EUR per m.

Metropolitan Berlin

By the fact that the funds invest in at least 15 objects, this concept offers a unique opportunity of the dispersion of real estate. For fund investors, yields are expected from 7% to 12% after all costs. Hurdle rate for PROJECT profit participation by 8 to 12 per cent of the economic success of our raised so far our system is confirmed funds set up. Our confidence in the success of our concept of development is very high, which is why we have raised the hurdle rate at the object level by 8 to 12 per cent. Only when above and beyond winning a proportion flows up to one-fifth, on the management of PROJECT”, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner of the PROJECT Fund group. PROJECT funds waive consistently financing at all levels, which is why the investors through the lastenfreie land of the objects are secured to exclude all risks associated with financing. But other provisions to stabilize the PROJECT funds: these are the waiver of interim profit of the initiator object purchasing, clearly fixed investment criteria in the object selection, diversification of the Fund’s capital in at least 15 objects per Fund and the specialization in the five Metropolitan Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich. More flexibility for investors more than ever has PROJECT in Fund designing the new real values Fund 11 12 taking into account the needs of investors.

So it was not only reporting improved reports from half-yearly to quarterly published Fund, but introduced an additional special termination option in defined emergency situations. Unemployment, disability, divorce, inheritance and finding an only short further life expectancy investors can access in advance its capital employed. In addition, possibility now at one time installation a general notice after the 5th year. Also running costs to the part were reduced, expanded audit on all levels as well as the sum of imprisonment reduced to one percent. The responsible of the PROJECT real estate group have altogether a real estate amounting to over EUR 800 million successfully developed, including about 4,000 apartments, over 500 townhouses and single-family homes and over 30 commercial. For PROJECT funds, no single object was negative completed throughout the period.

Good House Projects

Plant a tree, raise a child and build a house. This proverb is known from ancient times, it's always been a measure of a successful person who was able to live a life full of both do much! Whatever you say, the problem is not easy, what's your kid grow up, what you will have a house, and how they will think of you people in the future. Building a house is a very responsible and hard work. A house should reflect the spirit and character of its owner, it must be convenient and practical, but it should be reliable and strong, stood to more than one decade, reminding people about you, as a great man, not giving a crack in the foundation two years later. Key to successful construction of this Quality project your future home! Why house projects? Firstly, it gives an opportunity to clearly present what you see on the construction, and will guarantee that you will not incur additional costs related not provided inadvertently circumstances.

Secondly, the projects at home or cottage projects will, if necessary, to prove that all disasters have occurred through the fault of the builders, and not because of incorrect calculation of loads and the thickness of the walls or selecting a building material. Of course, the house projects and need to do to get permission to build a country house. So, where you can take a project home? The project can be ordered in an architectural office or take the finished model project at home or cottage with its subsequent adaptation. Unfortunately the creation of individual project, is very expensive. Now the west is very spread is the second way – buying a typical project home or cottage. What advantages does it give? You save your money, you will have confidence in the house, since such projects are time-tested, and Also, you can really look at your future home, peering into the living room, looking interior kitchen, etc. How to choose a project of his house? On it you can read more on the site At the same site you can acquainted with a large selection of typical suburban home projects, projects of cottages, will be able to pick the most suitable for you, which will satisfy all your personal needs. In this online store you can buy ready-made house designs created by the best architects in Russia and Europe. We wish you a successful construction of a country house, let your future generation remember as a man who lived life is not pointless!


Our 7 pluses: "White Dew" – one of the few towns where a) you can be absolutely sure about your health and your family – the village has a status of "Absolute" cottage communities in ekoreytinge Ecovillige. Everybody knows that Riga direction of ecologically beneficial, and only the experts know about the many local pollution and can assess their health risks. In our village, not only soil, groundwater, air, the level of electromagnetic radiation and stress, and environmental safety of building materials have been thoroughly tested. The village is situated on the border of a vast forest area to a depth of 15 km (state forest fund, the ability to lease out to the forest recreation area). 2) You do not impose a large amount of construction when you buy a large plot – you can buy a large plot prilesnoy (25 acres) and order there a small house (200 sq.m.), without cost, weave and price per square meter, 3) You can make changes to the standard design and equipment, but if you want – order: – the house on an individual project, an additional structure on the site (bath, garage) – interior finish at home – Landscaping area, 4) the construction of the walls of stone houses used only high-quality brick and natural basalt insulation Rockwool. Such a house "breathes", it is reliable and durable, 5) land is made in Property buyers at once, rather than at the end of construction, 6) and mortgage loans, home and cottage settlements 7) in the value of a home is the connection of all central communications and processing in property!.

How To Profitably Sell An Apartment, House, Commercial Property Br

Every owner of the apartment, home, commercial real estate in Bryansk and Bryansk region has ever wondered: "How to profitably sell your property?" Someone found the answer, but someone is still with the decision it was never determined. But for these people, and prepared the material in this article. First, let's define the main stages of the sale: 1. Preliminary estimates. 2. Advertising company. 3.

Prepare the object for sale. 4. Receive calls and display real estate 5. Conclusion of the preliminary contract (the agreement of deposit). 6.

Preparation of documents. 7. Transaction of sale, settlement, transfer. To address these questions, there are two ways. Let us examine each of them in detail, analyze the pros and cons. The first way implies that you first need to have enough time, patience, knowledge and luck. If the decision is made on the sale, try to independently determine the value of apartments, houses, commercial real estate in the Bryansk region and to this day. In the study of specialized publications on real estate prices look like housing or contact real estate agency for a preliminary evaluation of Bryansk. (The numbers that you see, the proposals rather than actual because that would determine the price the same realtor should see your object and make analytical study of the objects sold to date.) Someone may ask for an assessment to the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI), but this estimate is unlikely to match the market value of housing. Then you place independently in various newspapers, stick to stop the ads from showing his personal phone number.