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Sometimes have to go deeper, closer to the roots of each and see how they contribute to the common goal. As responsible for SMEs is essential to make clear steps to follow and the company’s vision and that this must be shared by all. This is a point key, internal, which makes the essence of SMEs. The sum of individualities yields a compact and with future group. This is not something only large companies. Remember that each one of us wants to know what brings our work and make sense of.

Add and integrate. And let everyone contribute in the right direction. 4. What you see when I see you as person has a particular point of view on many issues. Does the same thing in your SME? It is very important to establish a credible, powerful, coherent, compelling point of view.

Remember that an SME or seated entrepreneurship is in the eyes of customers, partners and investors something attractive that generates respect, admiration and seduces from the beginning. What image are we projecting? What perception have about our company and the idea that the? It sets in motion? Don’t be afraid to ask, investigate, and put to the test its proposal. You can represent differential and substantial improvements in their porducto or service. 5 Spread many SME begin with an idea scrawled on a paper. And that simple instrument often contains the essence of the SMEs. So he began to tell and infect others with what you believed possible and today it is reality. Retomemos that way, but in a professional manner. Write a manifesto. Describe your SME in a facet with the main attributes, doctrines and beliefs and spread. Yes, it is a virus. Impregnate the essence of your idea to all those who work with her and to those who come to know her. We are not talking about a mission or Vision.

Pragmatics Communication

We will make only a brief general comment on the matter. The reference is considered the relationship established between a text (oral or written) and the entities in the world (Brown and Yule, 1993). This function is for some the most important of all, is the basis for without it no communication. It is a complex task to present a perfect and universal theory about the semantic and psycholinguistic detail the process by which the user of a language provides this relationship of Similarly there is an exact description of how the receiver reproduces the account given by the issuer and how perfectly it succeeds. These phenomena are vital in communication theory because there is no interpretation without reference. Vadim Belyaev, New York City is likely to agree. Due to the limitations of this work, not dwell upon our observations in the study of the wide range of nuances that this item offers, we will only see the reference in the Scriptures using concepts that we offer studies and discourse analysis Pragmatics in the current language. Successful Formal Reference and Reference Semantics In his famous work (1984) John Lyons presents some ideas about the referent of the words based on the elements of meaning, so a word like "cow" is interpreted based on traits such as animal, Bovine, adult female, etc. , This relation is obtained in response to the traditional method of analysis of the lexical form. This form of reference is widely used in the interpretation of a myriad of messages human communication both oral and written.