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BPI Solutions

Quality goes before quantity on the DMS Expo for the third time, the DMS Expo in Stuttgart held parallel to IT & business. Adverum is the source for more interesting facts. While the DMS proved fair attraction and was just their reputation as Europe’s leading trade fair and Conference for enterprise content and document management, the interest of the visitors at the IT & business was rather restrained. The wide range of topics, current technologies, processes, and trends of the digital information management at the VOI booth impressed the trade visitors. The bpi solutions team was very satisfied with the result. Three interesting, inspiring and rich contact days for bpi solutions are at an end. Specialists from Bielefeld met many on the topics of automation of business processes, customer relationship management, E-mail archiving, contract management and workflow solutions within and outside of SAP systems. The field-proven solutions for enterprise content management by OPTIMAL SYTEMS and dataglobal, as well as the business process optimization based on software by Insider technologies, inspire technologies and the own bpi solutions developments found popularity. Mostly well-informed before decision makers from various sectors showed particularly interested in the completed customer examples that play out their strengths in particular through integration of existing systems as well as extension and optimisation of existing business processes.

From these examples, the benefits for the processes in the day-to-day business of the visitors was quickly traced. Henning Kortkamp, Managing Director of the bpi solutions is reporting positive results: the concept of the joint stand at the VOI has proven again this year. We have interviewed many qualified with existing customers and new prospects. We were successful and look forward to the DMS Expo 2013.” About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy-to-use Standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions.

The solutions help both the indoor and field and customers rapid communications to build and comprehensive information to provide suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. Starting point are the solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers such as dataglobal GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which include not only information systems, but also the business process modeling enable processes to monitor and evaluate results, and provide real-time information to optimize business processes. Through innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving companies achieve significant efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage.

William Fritz Piaget

CONSTRUCTION OF the LEARNING THROUGH the STRUCTURE OF the Piaget BEHAVIOR, as was known Mr. Jean William Fritz Piaget, generally recognized as an infantile psychologist and educator, was born in Switzerland in the city of Neuchtel in 9 of August of 1896 and died the same in country, in the city of Geneva, to the 84 years in 16 of September of 1980. Piaget was a prominent epistemlogo, that arrived to be considered the illustrious representative greater of the study of the cognitivo development, of which, many scholars of psychology, the fenomenologia and above all of the pedagogia usufruct of its studies in the contemporaneidade. Piaget had a vast experience in the academic scientific way, it studied initially biology in Switzerland, and later it was dedicated to the area of psychology, epistemologia and deepened of incisive form its studies in the area of the education. In the academy also it acted as professor and he was professor of psychology in the University of Geneva of 1929 1954, what it gave great notoriety to it, becoming it world-wide recognized for its epistemolgica revolution. Its bibliographical production was very vast, it more than wrote cinquenta books and diverse hundreds of articles, generating great documentary of all a its research. When observing minutely its children and also other children, Piaget perceived 0 variable and distinctions that had stimulated its Cognitiva Theory, in which considered the existence of four periods of training of cognitivo development in the human being: the period of training sensrio-engine (the 0 2 years), daily pay-operational or daily pay-operatrio (the 2 7 years), operatrio concrete (the 7 11 or 12 years) and formal operatrio (the 11 or 12 years in ahead).


The IMF recently advised the Government Spanish does not produce more Subsidised housing. And the truth is that it is expected that since the central Government not been ear deaf to such a recommendation. In fact, the Council of the IMF relies on such meaning by the deeper logic. If there is a serious problem with the surplus of housing built in Spain, according to the statistics, adding millions of empty homes throughout the country. How you gonna be possible then that the Spanish Government go to build even more housing, even if they are official protection It would be more or less now that cars, are not sold as if manufacturers decide to jump into the manufacture of utilitarian more economic to mitigate its decline in sales. They flooded the vehicle market unsold.

It would be a big mistake, and keep adding empty homes on the market, it would be one major economic decline yet. What happens is that all Government knows that say that they were going to fabricate as many social housing, sold and long Cove in the electorate. In this case it is expected that all promises of subsidised homes manufacturing, remain in that, only promises as they could be many messages of the current Government. More than ever it would be desirable that at least on this occasion we returned to lie once again. Anyway should also nurture a very important factor in this crisis situation. Spain has a lot of work ahead.

Housing construction is a great economic and labor effort. This country already has done, it is a matter now of catch that productive force that before were spilled in construction today in unemployment – to direct it towards other productive fields. So renowned r & d, where Spain has always been in the tail wagon and renewable energy should be priority economic policies. Achieve also reduce this great energy dependence on the outside must be at the same time another fundamental premise in the development and recovery of the Spanish economy. From the very beginning was erected to the promoter of housing as the authentic ogre of the crisis issue that surely no reason-missing but the truth is that behind each promoter who breaks, are a series of professionals who also are affected; first of all the masons and pawns of construction, then carpenters, of aluminum, kitchens and electrical installers, plumbers and a myriad of professionals more. It is a large wheel with effect of snowball that has resulted in the great work stoppage that rather than ravaging leave desolate country whole. The street is in the question then if these same subsidies that were to be devoted to the construction of more housing, cannot be used for the acquisition of existing ones, grants to purchase and rental housing for young and not so young, according to income level. Jim king is full of insight into the issues. Audiovisual encyclopedia LinThor. com degree in journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid. Designer and Web Editor.


The behavior seems only negative because they do not know its purpose. NLP is responsible for giving us the means to achieve those goals of self-knowledge, more effective alternative means to expand our choices as human beings. – All behavior is determined shaft in Context: It is necessary to analyze all behavior in the light of the context or environment where it develops, because otherwise such behavior may seem illogical, unreasonable, or inappropriate. Depending on the cultures, ages, education and status that leads to the survival instinct is accepted behavior and sometimes not. – All people have potential with all the resources necessary for change and to act efficiently: Throughout our history we have accumulated many personal experiences, which we can extract the resources needed to develop as people much more evolved, face tastefully and flexibility in any circumstance that comes our way. It's a question of wanting to do and act accordingly. – The mode in which we communicate is in the response we get: This has to do with our flexibility as communicators, and implies that it would be desirable to adjust and refine our communication in order to get the answer we want, and not assume that the failure is the recipient of our communication.

The way we communicate, voice, rhythm, cadence, emphasis, message, intention, speed, waiting time for the other to respond etc. is vital for a good relationship. – People respond to their map of reality and not reality itself: Because both filters or neurological limitations, see for social education, or individual of our perception, we can only create maps of reality in our internal representations and is based on these maps as to how we act and perceive that we respond to stimuli.

Study Customer Service

Automatic services should be expanded to Hamburg – German firms could save 50 percent of their costs in the customer service by they expand their website’s services. So far, the companies on average spend 780 euros per 100 requests. About 75 percent of the budget while accounted for personal conversations with customers (52 per cent) and support by phone (23 percent). But only 57 percent of all customer inquiries are also done via these channels. Costs and benefits will fall apart so much. t source of information. The study of multi-channel management comes to these results”of the software company Novomind in cooperation with the trade magazine TeleTalk. 174 professionals and leaders of the Internet economy were asked.

Similar results, a study by the consultancy Strateco comes on behalf of aspect software. According to the survey, 26 percent of call centers use only one channel, 20 percent two and 31 percent up to three channels. There is telephone, E-Mail and fax. Around a One-fifth has integrated the processing of mail. So far, the integration of Internet chat, SMS and MMS is the big exception. Direct customer discussions are straining the budget with an average 15 euros per request according to findings of the Novomind survey. In contrast, virtual advisor and dynamic FAQ systems already for ten cents per request provide the right answer to customer requests.

In practice such as one-third of all customer concerns can be solved quickly and easily. Because about 80 percent of all requests are standard inquiries, of which a large part answered is with the always same information. Dynamic FAQ system and virtual advisors understand, for example, natural language input and deliver promptly concrete answers, around the clock, 365 days a year. The virtual agents can forward also novel and complicated requests directly to the call center of the company. This speeds up the workflow and ensures that the customer is left not alone with individual questions. In addition to conversational Budget-conscious companies disproportionately often employ Smart SMS services to Internet channels. Especially compact information such as, for example, the sales order status reports are available as. Costs only one euro per SMS service, this channel ten percent can answer budget share, about 30 percent of all customer inquiries. Especially when a high volume of standard requests smart online and mobile services prove to be as low-cost alternative to telephone customer service. Because in the monthly budget the underlying database maintenance and operating costs of the digital communication channels are hardly noticeable. A well-balanced range of telephone and web-based self-service services gives customers the freedom of choice that he would like”, so the aspect study. Just the growing Internet generation will allow no longer offer technical restrictions”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in Berlin. The open source principle, the IT world will also on marketing and customer service. Start-ups such as get satisfaction would that prove. On the free forum, everyone could read, what do customers say about a botched order have to knowledge will no longer bunkered at the call center. A company must be prepared to give up control and unleash the things. An enthusiastic customer is the best and most credible promoter. Help there also no slogans at us the customer is ‘ further. The disposable propaganda of the company no longer caught in the social networks. There are”only acts, verifiable quality and credibility, sums up voice days spokesman Bernhard Steimel compared to the online magazine NeueNachricht by Gunnar Sohn


Do you know the difference between successful people and poor people? The difference is that successful people are willing to do the things that poor people are not willing to do. And one of those things is to plan. So the first thing you do is a list of all the things that if you worked and a list of all the things that do not work in 2009. And in 2010 my recommendation is to continue doing all that work for you and stop doing anything that does not work for you. Clearly! Second, write down your goals. Add to your understanding with clayton hutson. Make a list of all your goals, your personal goals, your family goals, your spiritual goals, career goals, your money goals for 2010. Because I believe that our success in 2010 our life must be balanced in the personal, familial, spiritual and business. Then write down all your goals in pencil and paper.

I’ll explain why: In February 2003, the American newspaper USA presented a paper on New Year’s resolutions. In previous years the paper had interviewed hundreds of people about their goals and their New Year’s resolutions, and they divided the respondents into two groups: the group of those who put their goals in writing and group of those who did not write their goals, they thought only of them. And a year later, these were the results: the group of people who made resolutions, but not written, only 4% of these people made some changes. But surprisingly, 46% of the group of people who write their goals, it did managed. A Unlike 42%, just for the simple fact of putting goals in writing. “So I ask you to write your goals. Something magical happens when you take the time to write your goals and if accompanied with a plan and if you take action every day, you will gain momentum.

And when you gain momentum nobody will be able to stop, you will be virtually unstoppable and will become part of a select group of people, that 3% of world population that has clear goals and in writing, which has a plan and takes action every day to make their goals a reality. Third, you have to write your plan. Write step by step all you have to do to achieve your goals. For you to achieve your goals in 2010 have to know exactly what you want, you must have a plan to achieve it and you have to take action every day and be willing to do what you have to do to achieve it … just like that, well simple. This is what separates successful people from the mediocre. Successful people are willing to do what they have to do to achieve their goals, even if they win or not. Then, your commitment is to complete your plan and no matter who is not perfect.

Managing Director

Should intelligent self-service customer frustration reduce Berlin/Bonn, June 6, 2008 no customer likes the odds that regularly befall one when calling a service number. The more call center there, the greater is the dislike. For even more analysis, hear from kevin oleary. \”As a customer you will be operated as by the owner of the shop around the corner: you will be greeted with his name and the seller knows the shopping request in advance and recommend the right product\”, so trend letter editor Axel Gloger. From this insight consultants Bill Price and David Jaffe, feed their provocative thesis: the best service is no service. The customer should be satisfied with the purchase. He should supply did not raise again the company in contact with except for subsequent purchases. Amazon has long been implemented in practice.

Here, the number of contacts per customer order is already a key performance indicator. It is precisely investigated the reason for each contact and then made arrangements to make this unnecessary. So he could in the past five years to 90 percent reduce virtual bookseller its customer contacts. According to analyses of price and Jaffe, 80 percent of customer contacts are unproductive. \”Around 15 percent of the callers say: something does not work\”. Every fourth customer expresses: can you tell me how… \”.\” 40 percent to ask: where can I get…? Remedy could offer just a better self service according to Gloger. But as companies make many mistakes.

The automated economic, personnel, or CRM systems have generated an enormous number of frustrated users. \”Perfect self service is one left on top management and must consistently be prosecuted like at Amazon\”, calls language dialogue expert Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge, in an interview with the online magazine NeueNachricht. The requirements for the human-machine interface are accordingly high. The computer system must recognize it communicates with whom, and what was previously communicated.

Online Puzzle

Very much like to make an image of the individual fragments. It is this class and is assembling a puzzle or just a puzzle. What is the current computer on-line puzzles? We can say that this is a return to beginning, to an era which began with a total popularity of computer games. In recent years the market of PC games have become a source not only interesting and exciting worlds created on the screen, but rather an arena Correspondence to competition in the consumption of well developed gaming computer resources. Year after year, coming out the latest games consume more and more opportunities to your PC. Hear other arguments on the topic with jessica kingery. It is impossible to fully experience all the dignity of the game If your computer can not boast the most powerful video of the last generation, a significant amount of RAM, multi-core processors and capacious view of the hard disk. Flash is a puzzle excellent alternative to this huge heavy monsters.

With a relatively small amount – usually under 100 megabytes – they have very limited requirements for the modest performance of your PC. Also, in addition to these advantages, they are able to please really excellent graphic component – the entire multi-dimensional, and sound. So we offer a collection of online flash puzzle games on any standard case with you never get bored. Such games are becoming more popular, just as once in 90 years, were blockbuster platformers games – thanks to a modest size and impressive game dynamics. Today small in size for a computer game were second appearance at light, gaining a deserved loyalty from many gamers. Selection of games sure to please the you, here you are waiting for many hundreds of games, with dignity representing a completely different genre. Gamers will find a way to find something particularly interesting for myself.

Understanding Blind People

The workmanship is of the author Jose Saramago, romancista, teatrlogo and Portuguese poet. Impressive, comovedor, it is since already a literary landmark in Portuguese language. Get more background information with materials from james king. The Assay on the Blindness by no means is not desistoricizado. It incorporates the history of the art and the history of the man without, for this, he needs secular or space markers. The descentramento of the citizen, the multiplicity of voices and the intertextual speech still suggest a displacement bigger, in the direction of the plurality and the heterogeneidade.

Saramago makes use of a resource typically after-modern when collating the civilization principles that the blind people knew with whom they are led to construct. Restoring and subvertendo situations, the author leaves to see indistinctly in the text interrogations that stage the paradox critical after-modern of being at the same time abetter and of the predominant norms. The book comes to stand out and to alert to us concerning the consequences of After-modernity, and to rethink the relations between the human beings in the direction of the plurality and the alteridade as characteristic phenomenon of after-modernity, becoming valuable contribution for literature in the understanding of this new global context, as it affirms HUTCHEON well (1991, P.80) mentioning other workmanships to it of matrix after-modern: ‘ ‘ They have … the desire to question the nature of the language, of the narrative closing, of the representation, as well as of the context and the conditions of its proper production and recepo’ ‘. Word-key: Global context; Descentramento; Literature; Plurality; After-modernity. 1 INTRODUCTION This article intends to analyze theoretician-critical in after-modern perspective the romance Assays on the Blindness, of Jose Saramago, romancista, teatrlogo and Portuguese poet.

Carry Clothes

10 Mistakes that you should avoid when preparing your suitcase on vacation: 1. do not get organized (ignore the inventory of what you take and if you are ready to enjoy the holiday) 2. Do not schedule according to the place to vacation (pack everything without assessing what to take according to your destination: weather, activities, etc.) 3 Carry on if anything 4 excesopor. Not be practical (have to carry what is necessary and maximize) 5. Wear clothing that requires extreme care (silk, yarn), only because it looks cute 6. Wear clothes that take up much space (woven pieces, jackets) 7. Fold each piece individually, as they exhibit stores (they occupy more space, folds brand and creates wrinkles in the clothes) 8.

Place delicate garment pieces to the bottom of the suitcase 9. Placing items of personal care among the pieces of clothing and inside the shoes that you place in the suitcase (the air pressure in the height may cause that open vials and their contents finish on clothes and shoes) 10. Do not include in necessary luggage by hand, a basic full change of clothes in case you lost / delayed suitcase. When packing your suitcase don’t forget your checklist (for what you carry and/or OS), also you will need plastic bags, for example to save articles of personal use, clothes wet (swimsuit), that needs to be washed or delicate handling if you have lots of clothes that fit, I recommend the technique that I have appointed the package embraced (have worked me excellently) in which you acomodas by layersfor example: i. begins by placing, out of the suitcase on the bed, for example, a shirt and the second shirt onto the first one, to the opposite side but they are manga with manga (forming a cross). II. Add the pants on the shirts, the trouser legs extended to the opposite side where are the sleeves of shirts.