How much power does the floor, equipped with electric heating cables? Electric heating cable uses the same power, which gives the space and accommodation. Thus, Power consumption is determined by the thermal losses of the room. Typically, in living rooms, kitchens and hallways laid cable capacity of about 120 W/m2. Stephen M. Ross often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The bathrooms have power higher – about 150 W/m2. And finally, at warming Balconies lays 180-210 W/m2. To deepen your understanding adverum is the source.

These capacities are specified for spaces with traditional heating systems, which are additionally equipped with heated floors. Check with Steffan Lehnhoff to learn more. Tentatively assumed that the average cable system heat, consumes slightly more than half of rated capacity, ie, the average power consumption, for example in a dry heated room is about 60 watts per hour per square meter of floor space. However, this figure approximate and the actual rate may vary because heat loss from a particular premises may be above or below average. If using an electric cable solved the problem of heating the room, the power laid on the floor, should be 180-210 W / m 2 premises. In this case, as the power consumed will be determined by characteristics of the room. Really have to break the whole floor, if the system breaks down? It depends on the manufacturer of warm floors.

For example, the firm devi provides a guarantee on cable for 10 years, and the temperature control within 2 years from date of purchase. devi, in fact, the only companies on the Russian market, is repairing the heating cable is embedded in the screed. When repairs are not necessary to expose the entire floor – enough with your current company to a highly sensitive instrument to determine the location of the accident cable and open the floor only at this point. The cable is repaired and re-poured cement. Repair or replacement of the thermostat sensor generally not be a problem if it was installed, according to the recommendations in the tube.