A variety of thieves, bandits and swindlers, were nearby at all times, but now their numbers are increasing steadily. Along with this, now more and more difficult to ensure the safety of personal property, especially in the case when I received not paying attention to the difficulties and the financial and economic situation in our state, in material terms to ensure the birth family. To guarantee the safety of his apartment, required to supply security system, but professional elements, or somehow managed to disable it or it is simply not responded to the infiltrator thieves in our apartment, after returning from a summer cottage, apartment was successfully 'brushed'. Investigation, and police officers, in fact that he led, to find a reason for refusal set the alarm system and failed. How in general did not work they find the direct perpetrators, and in addition to and fully all the stolen items from his apartment. Since perfect earlier theft was carried out among two more similar attacks on their own apartment. It is worth mentioning that in any case, there was, on the assertions of some organizations specializing in the signaling devices, the newest and most capable security system. In this case, the result was the same, in other words returning from a day of any long trip, we expect the same annoying pattern, namely, open and robbing apartment. As a result izmuchavshis in a battle with technically savvy criminals who could not to stop any heavy-duty door with a tricky door locks, no modern security system, the general family Chamber decided to move to what some other .