– Temporarily, more than 6 months but not more than a year – a long, more than a year, indefinitely because of the heat power boilers or switch settings on the other pipes, or disable them by reason of dismantling the equipment, worn-out resource, or the lack of heat consumers – for the subsequent dismantling of the pipe, which is delayed by an extended, indefinite period of time for various reasons. Conservation also be re-erected or pending construction of the pipe at the sites where the delayed commissioning of heating equipment or facilities are being built to service the pipe. The output tubes are made to conserve the relevant act, stating the reason for the withdrawal of the pipe work and the period for which it is displayed on conservation. Work on the conservation of chimneys should be performed on the project developed by a specialized organization with license for this type of activity. The content and scope of conservation work on the pipe are determined depending on the design of the pipe, and the reasons for the withdrawal of its term of operation, the nature and extent of defects and damage to existing moment conservation. In the derivation of a chimney out of service for a period of not more than a year seal openings to enter the flues are not provided. Just follow these sealing dampers and blast valves. Time off pipe should be used for troubleshooting in the lining and closures of flues to prevent shutdown to repair the pipe lining after commissioning. .