The operation is a patch transermico plastic, thin, beige. Connect with other leaders such as Bizzi & Partners here. The sticky part contains the active ingredients are released continuously through the bloodstream. Click John Savignano for additional related pages. It belongs to the group of combination hormonal contraceptives. In contrast to the oral contraceptive pill, vomiting, or diarrhea does not affect the amount of drug that is released from the patch. A related site: Meadow Bank Designs mentions similar findings. The patch should be placed exactly seven days each week for three weeks, followed by a bye week without a patch, that's when you should have the period. Should be changed the same day each week, as it is intended to serve for 7 days. The patch should be placed on clean, dry skin and hair in the buttock, abdomen, outer arm, in a place where clothing does not rub on tight.

The effectiveness of the patches is similar to that of the tablets, which is about 98%, and its administration is weekly on the skin (buttocks, lower abdomen, torso or upper arm) for 21 days before menstruation. The detail is essential clarify that the patches should never be placed on the breasts. The patches, according to its makers, are resistant to sun and water, and assuming that emerge can be renewed without this lost effectiveness. Effectiveness and compliance with the contraceptive patch for each menstrual cycle patches are applied three consecutive, each with seven days, followed by a week in which it rests, preserved as a regular menstrual bleeding. It also has a safety margin of 48 hours if you forget to withdraw the patch Their profiles offer an excellent performance compared to oral contraceptive compliance in all age groups and at all levels, with an estimated 97% compliance , according to studies. One of the major concerns raised among gynecologists is directly related to the stickiness of the patch, but studies with a sample of 70 552 patches confirm their satisfactory adhesiveness in 95% of cases. The adhesiveness of the patch is not altered by heat, humidity and the only exercise precaution is to stick the contraceptive patch on the skin dry, clean, hairless and never after the application of creams.

The pills, unlike patches, are administered by mouth, so before reaching the blood must pass through the digestive system. By contrast, transdermal patches has advantages that are not traditional methods. So, as uncomfortable and disturbing ailments such as vomiting or diarrhea do not affect its ability contraceptive. The user applies it directly to the skin and can continue to develop their daily lives without any hassles. With transdermal administration avoids some problems that can occur with oral contraceptives, such as gastrointestinal discomfort or impaired absorption, especially in cases of vomiting or diarrhea.