METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online easily assess who occurs when purchasing real estate in the decisive phase of price negotiation, must have good reasons and recite incoming arguments, he wants the price to some thousand, ten thousand or more Euro change. Reasons for a price negotiation may be, that the offer price does not comply with the value of the property or the price of the supplier to the buyer is not traceable. Verifiable facts in both cases should be well prepared buyers be in order to emerge victorious from the price negotiation. Arguments for a discount will only convince a provider if the buyer with reproducible facts can come up. A detailed costing, which leads to a current real estate guide in their sum proves to be useful.

This list should take into account the exact location before place lot size, living area, facilities, age of the property, and possibility to use. Restoration and land demarcation ideal is it, if carried out renovations of the building, as well as the demarcation of the land be considered after land or green and garden land. Consumers who do not have, to compensate for her lack of competence by external service providers make for a real estate review of a technical training balance skills deficiency. Competent supplier for exact location real estate reviews can be found on the Internet. Questionnaire to the object who would like to use the quick and cheap way of assessing real estate over the Internet, online answered a questionnaire about the object and gets after a few minutes, a real estate valuation enriched the database values of the service provider.

The online real estate review of the user’s computer will be provided, the time-consuming delivery of value determination over the usual postal service is eliminated. The pricing for students, which would bring the value of real estate in experience from now on equal, is the online Real estate valuation a quick and cheap way of pricing. Real estate price calculator a traceable calculation of real estate benchmark, as well as a justification of the suitable choice of process. It is possible also on the website of real estate price calculator. This tool uses the method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation. The neutral online real estate valuation is available to anyone who has the essential information to the object of the evaluation and a PC with Internet access. Find more information at