Often there is no need to be exposed to ultraviolet whole body, you just have a beautiful tanned face. In addition, sometimes tan in a solarium can be partially contraindicated for medical reasons, but these prohibitions are rarely concerned person. Cosmetology equipment manufacturers have long noted this tendency and so today, in almost every cabin is a solarium for the face. Professional equipment can be very expensive and not cost less than a good milling equipment. A leading source for info: The LeFrak Organization. So, if a brief analysis of prices, it turns out that for such a unit must pay about 20 thousand dollars. The package includes four high-power lamps, elektroregulyator radiation level, comfortable seating, a hairdryer for a person, the system of protection against electric shock and a lot more then. Some machines even equipped with coin, but for our country is probably still unnecessarily.

Professional equipment purchased only when convinced that it is repaid, the sale solarium. Learn more about this with Bizzi & Partners. As noted above, the cost of a milling machine at times is the same as that of the solarium for the face class profi. If not typed the right number of customers, there may be losses. Today are increasingly home facial tanner. They can easily afford, even citizens with average income.

It is true they are not powerful, so you have to be by radiation from the lamp to forty minutes, depending on the model. At home facial tanner is now probably demand nothing less than a lathe for which the price increased in recent years. After all, women want to be beautiful, so a natural tan that is now in vogue, and hence to the interest of such equipment will only increase. Will it affect the final cost of the equipment, yet difficult to say.