Kitchen – a place where we spend a large portion of time. It's not just a place where cooking is carried out. The apartments, small houses – it is also a dining room. But behind closed doors, kitchens, a cup of hot coffee discuss the most pressing issues and maintained sentimental conversation. Therefore, setting the kitchen, her furniture, the location of objects should help to maintain comfort, comfort – it is on one side.

And on the other – all in the kitchen should be as efficiently, conveniently, in order to take full advantage this room could carry its functional load, and at the same time be safe. Always nice to be a designer of his own apartments, houses, and cuisine, including. But without some knowledge of it will be difficult. After all, a good kitchen should be spacious, or at least appear so (for small rooms), its layout should satisfy the most ergonomically properties, kitchen furniture should be integrated into the interior and to emphasize his individuality. In this section you'll find advice of professional designers, who will explain how to choose the right furniture for kitchen your style, how to pick colors, what material is best to make out a room, table tops, how to choose the coverage.

Here you'll find plenty of tips and advice for the care of the kitchen furniture and kitchen accessories. We will teach yourself to design the kitchen, making it a stylish show all possible combinations of different elements. The kitchen is also one of the most dangerous places in the apartment – high electro-temperature, open flames, gas appliances, sharp and cutting objects, harmful emissions when preparing food – all of which may have serious damage to health by neglecting safety rules or improperly installed equipment.