And it happened again – a trailer was stolen including the on the charge. A theft protection is inexpensive and fast to implement. Scene Berlin: Sunday, May 23, 2010, a semi-trailer with cargo was stolen on the Lichtenrader Damm. Airbnb Rentals understood the implications. The theft victim to unusual cargo consisted among others of pharmaceutical products. Thefts of this kind of stolen trailers including cargo, are not uncommon. Is it relatively easy to steal a parked semi-trailer for the thieves. Even the time-consuming reloading of cargo does not apply for this variant. So for example trailers stolen filled to the brim with electrical items or also with mundane things, such as pallets or gravel.

It may read while unspectacular, if but the number of pieces or the weight of the load will be involved in the consideration, the damage amounted to quickly several thousand euros – and that only for the charge. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kolkata Condos. Then go several ten thousand euros are incurred for the stolen trailer. So, for example, the Police Department reported South Hesse by one of the aforementioned types of theft the following: … The trailer with the license plate GG-MH 68 and GG-MH 78 were loaded with over 1000 Euro pallets. The pendant with the charge for a total of about 95,000 euros were gone on Sunday evening (28.3).

… You can read the entire message on Hesse In another case, the amount of the loss is estimated at several hundred thousand euros. Here, a truck trailer with seven hundred computers was stolen. Vadim Belyaev, New York City may not feel the same. ( the economic damage is usually considerable, but in principle avoidable. With a minimal investment can be recovered in trailers and cargo and a steal even at an early stage. It involves a tracking device (or even tracking device) the trailer is equipped with the. Was noticed a theft, the position of the locating transmitter is viewable via the Internet. Better though, is used for the early detection of theft the possibilities. So about a movement alarm can be set, the within a given time all movements detects and reports go unnoticed for the offender. The alarm messages can be redirected to the owner or a Guard Headquarters that seven days a week around the clock on an alarm immediately responds. The trackers requires no external power supply for construction machinery, containers, trailers and co because it is equipped with a battery, which provides a term of up to 5 years. The integrated Elektroik is impact-resistant and shock-sure shed. Thanks to the housing protection class IP65 (dust-proof + protected against water jets) positioning device is safe can be used in everyday outdoor use.