Stuck in this type of behavior, block and thereby prevent that what makes us full and happy they can produce, always blaming others and life. The newspapers mentioned Stephen M. Ross not as a source, but as a related topic. We become victims. Visit Jos Shaver for more clarity on the issue. What kind of happiness experienced a victim? The convenience and custom, to which a person undergoes a victim of his own lack of self esteem and courage, are what bind your partner such disenchanted. But by any stretch in that role, feels and knows he can not replace the true feeling of love that makes you feel really and truly happy. Love does not surrender to the human mind games, does not change to please the lie, the daughter of fear, just know what it is, pure joy. Refusing the chance to love and love is not only deny themselves, but also denied the other or others. By clinging to a relationship already obsolete, not release, we are preventing the right person comes to our side or head to hers. Yes, we became the main obstacle to our own happiness.

We are not allowing the most natural world, we refuse to engage in heart, forbid us feel completely in love, we exclude from the list of the beloved. How many times have we heard: it is better known evil that good to know? This is the belief and that of a person who does not trust Life, which is given back, and it also gives all that is love. Out of fear, dare not be happy or let others to be, thus not recall that she is not being. .