Hearing loss today no biggie more represents about 15 million people in Germany suffer from hearing loss. There is some unaware, others try to ignore it as long as possible, and many do not even know how well experts today can help. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about latest hearing aids. Listening is so crucial for human communication that with a Horminderung often a large uncertainty begins. Who know only a part of the communication is quickly ruled out.

Constant demands sucks not only the victims, but also the opposite. In consequence, many hard of hearing withdraw themselves from their social environment and delaying a visit to the hearing as long as possible. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia may help you with your research. If you need a hearing aid, feels uncomfortable and old. Hearing therefore require too much psychological talent and a high sensitivity in addition to a comprehensive expertise. Because often it – is Despite the high pressure of suffering – first reservations about a hearing aid to dismantle, so that there can be a constructive cooperation between stakeholders and acoustician.

Deafness: better technical progress hearing thanks to digitalisation allows today, thanks to increasing digitization, a vastly improved Horqualitat. The subtle and ever smaller hearing aids are increasingly powerful despite their miniaturization. Who is confronted with the own deafness, often defensively responds. Patients ignore and displace the hearing impaired. This has resulted in that the person concerned does not or barely informed of the latest possibilities of supply is. Affected parties must accept hearing loss, then it works with the hearing aid but only if people know and accept their hearing loss, it is possible to find together a solution. Therefore, the education about hearing loss and its treatment is so important. A scientific organization, the is committed to the European Union of hearing aid dispensers, short EUHA. The Association sees its task in the training by care professionals and other interested parties. Particularly interesting are the development of sound processing, so devices that can distinguish between fault and commercial sound. Intelligent hearing be set flexibly and independently on other ambient sounds are just as exciting. No matter whether your vehicle at home, stop on the street or, for example, in a department store, the devices will discover what you want to hear the hard of hearing and what he must do. Some of them are even able to learn – note”is the life situation, in which their carrier most commonly located, whether he himself more to home or stop or more is on the way. The imedo Gesundheitscommunity offers the possibility to exchange experiences patients who suffer from hearing loss, with the Group on the subject of hearing loss. In this country, little attention will be donated to the ears. However, an ear massage can increase the well-being. Please inform the imedo health news.