The ecological houses are friendly with the planet. Many ecological houses are being built in the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and Europe in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of human beings. The ecological houses should have a system of alternative energy as solar and wind power, coating of fiber cement, solar powered hot water, insulation from recycled construction.To live in a green house you can save money and help reduce global warming. More information is housed here: Greenberg Traurig. These changes will have a significant impact for the Betterment of the environment.The majority of the ecological houses are using bulbs compact fluorescent, or CFL, rather than standard incandescent light bulbs, which are less polluting, if every household in the United States to change their light bulbs, there would be a reduction of one trillion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, green houses are a great contribution to reducing pollution on the planet. The houses can adapt in houses ecological making certain changes, there are available ecological house plans to have ideas about the construction.The ecological houses are self-sufficient and it can live with minimum energy consumption. In an ecological House energy comes from natural sources, in places where is stored the rain; the water is reused more is wasted..