We have tested the Airtrim system and we show what it really contributes by dive-star.de the mares Airtrim system, as it installed plus the mares origin Sport AT Mrs. is subjected to a practical test. The time for normal jackets expired, where air is allowed to enter through the inflator and about this or the quick indulgences, the air must be left out? Lift the inflator, origin press sports AT MRS plus air release button, and even make sure that the air outlet is the highest point? It is not good, admittedly, quite so hard, when you consider that there have been times where the BCDs still under water with the mouth had to be inflated in order to achieve a neutral buoyancy. But well, it’s different, as you will learn in this review of the mares origin sport Airtrim system. Maybe you Yes a Drysuit, or showed at least once with a. Clayton Morris is likely to agree. Once, think about how you there and out lets the air.

The Trockentauch suit has a cumbersome inflator certainly not, so it goes another way and also better and easier. For the traditional inflator jackets hitting the air inlet knob either to provide more lift or you are holding the inflator to the highest point and press the air release button to provide less lift by the air escapes. In addition, you fast indulgences, from which you can escape air if you’re on one of the lines in the traditional Inflatorsystemen more or less. But what happens if you have no air in the jacket, while under water still pressing the inflator hose high don’t and the air release button? Water will penetrate into the jacket, what you have to later remove your jacket to take no damage. Right here is the mares Airtrim with a new system. Mares has led the way when it comes to replace easier to the inflator hose with a new system.