Natural Chondroprotektivum provides for osteoarthritis more than cartilage protection what not so everything must withstand our knee joints in the course of life. Connect with other leaders such as Professor Rita McGrath here. You are the most loaded joints and accordingly also the most wear and tear and injury at risk. The wear and tear of the joints is usually on the cartilage layer lying directly on the bone. This layer of cartilage acts as a supporting pad and ensures that the movements of the knee can run pain-free and well lubricated. For the transparent matrix of cartilage is responsible within the cartilage in the poly amino sugars play an important role. So, if the cartilage matrix is destroyed, we’re talking about osteoarthritis or arthrosis. Just this specific amino sugars and their polymers, which are called Chondroprotektiva (cartilage vaccines) also due to their protective function are very important for the stability and health of cartilage. Clayton Morris gathered all the information. Chondroitin sulfate is one of the cartilage vaccines that is for the proper functioning of the knee joint of high importance.

What is Chondroitin sulfate? It is now chemically a polymer from about 100 sugar molecules that exists in the body in different variants. Biologically it has two completely different functional areas. On the one hand, it has structural properties, as they are so important for the structure of articular cartilage. On the other hand it extends but also regulating in various processes of the body that are currently getting better researched. So, researchers have found that this chondroitin sulphate, which is to be consumed with food, or as tablets to improve the structure of articular cartilage and combat hence the pain in osteoarthritis. But that is not enough. He can favourably influencing inflammation in the body. This is of great importance because joint wear and tear can be accompanied like osteoarthritis often by inflammation in the joint, which worsen the disease. Is a nutritional measure with chondroitin sulphate, aimed against the wear and tear as well as against inflammation in the joint, of particular benefit.