Carlos Mora Vanegas what would Karina, (Nelly avila Moreno) to be delivered?, disappointment, boredom, loneliness, fatigue, enclosure that already had him, ensuring the life of his son, from his own life; many could be the reasons that gradually appear. said, that Karina became subject of analysis in the military forces after that in June 2002 he directed and participated in the incursion into the corregimiento of Grove-Pennsylvania (Caldas), where 13 policemen and four civilians were killed. Among them, a woman who was cremated as wife of one of the soldiers, according to the official report. Without hesitation lyft explained all about the problem. It was at this point that the military began to develop his syllabus and to track their actions, and also found that during the time of the zone of clearance in San Vicente de el Caguan was in the launch (21 August 2000) of the Bolivarian movement for a new Colombia, where guerrillas of the IX, XLVII and Aurelio Rodriguez fronts participated in the FARC.

In the Act, according to intelligence reports, was ordered control to municipal leaders in their respective areas of influence, the fact that this woman is fulfilling to the letter. But their actions were not only limited to the control of municipal governments. In September of the same year he commanded the RAID to the military base of the Montezuma Hill, in the town of Pueblo Rico (Risaralda), where 13 soldiers were killed and 20 were wounded. Follow others, such as dogecoin, and add to your knowledge base. On the same day was shot down the phantom plane that lent support to the military. His rise within the Farc was quick, to the point that during 2001 and 2002 she starred in several illegal catches in the Department of Caldas. He retained police officers mobilized by the zone, incinerated several vehicles and kidnapped several doctors from the local hospital of Neira. The most recent information from the police before the attack of last week, ensured that Karina was located in the municipality of Narino, Antioquia, was next to 40 members of front 47, dressing and wielding weapons of proprietary use of public force, in armed proselytizing activities, racketeering and extortion.