" The amount of this just ridiculous when you consider that the rental value "6iznes" meter is at least $ 55. According to available data the company owns area of more than 30 square meters, of which the company has a month (again on the minimum) 1.65 million, with the skunk – 237 600 dollars Company earnings (conservative). It is easy to calculate that even 13 percent (and in this case, and all 25%) of the Income Tax this amount 30.888 million in, e. For even more details, read what Robert Speyer says on the issue. That's how long the metropolitan treasury received less over 15 years of a foreign agency. So that 53 thousand hryvnia "are granted to taxes and penalties" for which so warmly thanked Tax Inspectorate vigilant residents not otherwise mockery nal naive Ukrainians will not name, the author of these lines had a chance to talk with representatives of the company DTZ (not being a legal person passes the name of "GOOYOORD BV" all real estate). Their stance, as citizens of Ukraine, I would not dare to call patriotic. Fully protecting the interests of their overseas employers, they tried to convince me that the activities of their companies are very beneficial effect on the appearance of the capital, saying that completely revolutionized the purchased home, which previously represented a "bug-infested and krysyatniki" and expelled to the edge they need to be thankful for what is now live in a modern and spacious apartments. Complaints about the destroyed lawns, playgrounds for parking and other fire ladders with elevator additions in DTZ regard not only as "inevitable struggles of old and obsolete with the new and progressive." "The new and progressive – it is necessary to understand the company and its excess profits.

And the "old and obsolete" – simple Kiev (Citizens of Ukraine), which is so "lucky" to live in the capital of European state … So it turns out: someone "democracy" and who is a mother. Does such activities of such foreign firms to national interests of Ukraine and its citizens? Of course not! And if so, whether it is time to stop the relevant authorities, with the strongest possible terms, like strangers on our outrage, his native land? RS. When the material was gotovkpechati, we learned that a certain company Ucaptal Partners (UP) in conjunction with private investors from Western Europe have completed the acquisition of a portfolio of office buildings Prime Kiev Portfolio, owned gollandskoykompanii GOOIOORD V. V. In the UP crossed the leading specialists of the company DTZ,-the report says, but in fact such a public relations company, is nothing more than to distract from the tax in excess profits of the company GOOIOORD V.V.", which is currently working as safely and continues to work to become super profits. Victoria YASNOPOLSKAYA 23-29 October 2008, "Pravda Ukrainy"