In the last year or two, it was noted the strong expansion of the real estate market in the city of Omsk, buyers can choose accommodation to your taste – new buildings, inhabited apartments, luxury home or a more economical option. On the market Real estate is the number of proposals is due fairly sharp increase in demand for housing after experiencing crisis. Moreover, current offers, as the secondary housing, and on the build-options of apartments in buildings. If we talk about trends in sales of apartments, the most active selling small one-bedroom apartments, the area which is approximately 22-33 square meters. The most popular apartments at a cost not exceed two to three million rubles. New inferior to the proven popularity of the secondary housing, although recently the gap more and more reduced. Currently in Omsk are not so many new buildings, because of the almost complete lack of construction, but experts are increasingly saying that as far as the resumption of construction in Omsk, will the so-called "novostroechny boom." Of these projections imply that in the near future, more people will prefer the city of Omsk new buildings, rather than the secondary housing.

Properties for rent in Omsk, continues to enjoy strong demand, but little change is not happening – the number of people Rent Housing remains roughly the same as a year ago. True, prices for rent rose slightly. Rent an apartment in Omsk you can in almost any area, any equipment, and for every budget. If we talk about statistics, here everything is, as well as with the purchase – most in demand are small one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments, so-called economy class options for location preference, as given, more budget areas. But, nonetheless, marked a clear increase in wanting to rent a luxury housing in good repair and equipment in a good area at prices higher than average. This is due to the fact that the crisis is gradually disappearing from our lives. Problems with the purchase or lease of real property in Omsk are not observed. But the sellers or lessors not always the same – very high level of competition drives down prices and offer a variety of additional bonuses and conditions for maintaining the competitiveness of the proposal.

At the same time becoming less possible to meet the announcement of the "Hire an apartment in Omsk" – proposals for rental housing clearly exceeds the demand. Meanwhile, the commercial market Real estate is not experiencing any change. With such a demand for housing, the experts can not mention any progress with the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. In this market situation has been established so far that it is fixed. Experts note also that the rise in prices for commercial real estate has not yet been observed. A blank shopping area as there have been, and remain vacant. Experts forecast that by early 2011 a gradual and slow growth, as prices and a rise in demand for leased commercial real estate.