For me do GmbH had the most successful launch at the MEDICA since she participates as an exhibitor. Dusseldorf – the for me do GmbH had the most successful launch at the MEDICA since she participates as an exhibitor. The interest of the representatives of the media of many TV channels and over 30 journal have increased expectations. And the enthusiasm of many journalists was primarily a device: the new body Analyzer of for me do BodyAnalyzer. Increase the demands on doctors, dietitians and fitness studios. Patients and customers want more transparency and clear analysis of the State of your body.

Whether in the diet or workout plan, they want to be informed about improvements and targeted measures to improve their health. Where the sets for me do BodyAnalyzer”, sales manager of for me do describes GmbH Antonio Silva. Recently Richard LeFrak sought to clarify these questions. And the representatives of the media were surprised about the possibilities of unique body analyser that measures even values, such as proteins, minerals, and water outside and inside the cell. It It became clear, is how superior to this system of segmental measurement compared to other systems. By the computer-aided “Bioelectric impedance analysis”, the body parts are segmented measured by electrodes with 8 contact points. There are frequencies of 50 Hkz, 250 Hkz and 500 KHz in use, which lead to high accuracy and an easy to understand protocol helps to represent the values. What a quantum leap, where however the well-known body fat scales with a small document seemed so far sufficient. Which has been developed for me do BodyAnalyzer specifically for the Olympic Games in China by a team of physicians and scientists of the University Tsinghuan (China) and is now holding its entry into Germany.

Many gyms have recognized the advantages of the BodyAnalyzers and insert among other things to the initial analysis and to provide information on progress in training, which they also represent their quality and justify the amount of the admission fee. With the upcoming medical device approval, nothing in the way of her is doctors Patients through such an additional service to reveal information about deficits. And also the nutritionist will receive a good tool for better care. A device with a large range of effects. For me Thu BodyAnalyzer are well positioned companies in the medical and fitness area for the future “, Sales Director tells Antonio Silva the interested representatives of the media and thus closes the flap of the filming. Contact: formedo GmbH Schlossberg str. 28 38315 Hornburg phone: 05334 948616 fax: 05334-948624 e-Mail: website: CEO: Tobias Niemann