Tequila is a distillate originating in the city of Tequila in the State of Jalisco in Mexico. In the same way that happens with mezcal, tequila is produced from the fermentation and the distillate of the juice extracted from the agave, particularly of the blue agave, which has designation of origin in the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Nayarit, Michoacan and Jalisco. The name of tequila is an appellation of origin, which is controlled and is internationally recognized. This name designates the distillate of agave which is elaborated in the different regions of Mexico mentioned above. Tequila is definitely the drink of Mexico’s best-known and most representative and for a drink can be called thus, must be strictly made in this country, in addition to obtaining at least 51% of the sugars that come from the agave, stressing that pure tequilas contain a 100% agave. In the case of mixed Tequila, agave is mix with corn syrup or sugar cane. The producers of This drink placed a tag with the legend of 100% agave, as in the Mexican official form. This indicates that the product failed to its 100% made from the agave, and therefore carries this legend certified by the Tequila regulatory Council.