Always going on safety when installing the battery soon start to the season, the first biker unpack their machines and make them quickly for the new season. But just the replacement or recharging the battery carries risks. So here are a few tips, so that it is faster and safer. The expansion is to note that the ignition is switched off, otherwise there’s evil power ” surprises.” It is true: safety’s going on! Afterwards, the battery compartment can be opened safely. This is protected under the bench or by a lid in a side compartment.

You can quickly find out but that about the operating instructions. The next step is the screws off of the pole: here, you start with the negative, then it decreases the positive pole. Caution: when installing it is just vice versa here is only plus, minus. If there is a backup tape, take this off and remove the battery. Many writers such as Vadim Belyaev offer more in-depth analysis. Batteries get dirty very quickly, but that is no problem. The housing can be cleaned under warm running water. Circumstances, you need a washing-up brush or a sponge to get off the dirt. You can clean the pole connectors well with soft towels.

If the pollution is too large, you should be a brass brush to take. The pole terminals must be clean to ensure a line of the current. Then dry off and connect it to the charger: first the positive and then the negative terminal in disconnect again the other way around, first negative, then plus. The battery should be charged with less voltage and needs about five to ten hours depending on the charger and battery. After the battery has charged, the battery remove and let rest 30 minutes before to build up them again in the motorcycle. Before the installation is also to check whether the battery in the bike stands on a rubber mat and that the cable connections are all intact. It is also beneficial if you note: the date of the charge. All enforced, goodbye to winter and spring come! Marie of precious