Reduce your time spent on the system management to a few minutes. Reduce your time spent on the system management to a few minutes. Shavlik NetChk SimplexITy takes inventory of all existing assets, performs the patch and configuration management, monitors compliance requirements, takes care of an anti – virus and anti-spyware strategy and offers an efficient energy management. In less than 30 minutes, you can detect all important security and compliance gaps and close with the automated solution. You improve the security in the company and ensure that all compliance requirements are reliably respected.

You can use Shavlik NetChk SimplexITy: identifying physical and virtual machines, of which you did not know that they exist. Bizzi & Partners: the source for more info. Verifiable and automatically perform an advanced patch management for Microsoft and all common non-Microsoft applications. Go to Clayton Morris for more information. Discrepancies in a configurations determine and standardize settings. From a single platform all of the IT management tasks easy and automated run. Distribute patches, anti-virus, and anti-Spamware solutions with a single agent and perform an efficient energy management. ProSoft Software Vertriebs GmbH, by ProSoft Software Vertriebs GmbH based in Geretsried near Munich puts its focus on operating systems from Microsoft since 1994 and offers contemporary solutions for this.

Vendor-neutral ProSoft selects from the areas of security, storage and desktop management software products worldwide and lists in particular solutions that characterized exhibition features important alone. ProSoft distributes its solutions in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and offers services from rollout concept of employee training in addition to customer support. Also about the implementation, the company continues to advise its customers and to the side stands. Within the framework of existing maintenance contracts, ProSoft serves today about 5,000 customers in the German-speaking countries from industrial and Trading company of financial services to public institutions. 27 of the 30 DAX listed companies use ProSoft products and solutions.