He will come on the dirt and the vermin here at some point. The financial damage again. And this is Willy k much worse. “” Problem case of rental nomads: here threatens the financial total loss given of this Jammer image it k. impact little comforting for Willy, that he now shares his fate with many private landlords in Germany: he is on the species of rental nomads “fell, subgenus extra bad” with an ominous trend of legally tolerated propagating. Vadim Belyaev understood the implications.

“”, Rental Vandals ‘ would be the more appropriate term for these people “, says Matthias Heissner, Managing Director of the Stuttgart-based company landlord protection index Germany’ (VSK). These people include a house or an apartment, do not pay their rent, rampage, demolish sanitation, disappear at night and in fog, remain untraceable. The landlord, leaving a mountain of locking and household waste, sitting on loss of rent and renovation costs.” “Where even tenants, the housing or home owners simply” the rent or deposit remained guilty and ultimately from the estate remained intact out be must tried, are already disastrous enough, as Matthias Heissner pointed out. Finally you must occur in judicial actions for eviction as landlords typically financial wholesale, and she could be steep. It is hard to carry this additional financial burden if you have rented this unit maybe only as a small property owners, otherwise only have ordinary wage or pension income and on the rental property in circumstances even a mortgage, you need to operate on time every month. “One cuckoo in the nest is then enough to keep you completely out of the financial lift to throw.” such stirring up fates come us to ears as well as every day “, Pasquale Aquino added one in the VSK, managerial position held and she demonized poor cards”complained about have a landlord in such cases. Because legislation and courts are now undoubtedly the tenant protection inclined to, why he out of his experience every landlord only strongly advise could, to not rely on Government protection, but of their own accord in time to secure so if at all possible prior to the conclusion of the lease.