19.10 October 31, 2009 in the White Chocolate. Gottsched. 1 “04109 Leipzig opening, Monday October 19, 2009 at 19:30 the goal in life – the vulva”, is not only an exceptional illustrated book about the female genitals, but a project that would make the discussion this taboo subject in its variety at different levels in the public. The beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the vulva is very clear and playful, but without voyeuristic background visible in the pictures. One reads the prologue it rapidly becomes clear that the intuition of the author is not only information on the external forms of the vulva, but also an invitation to a respectful and loving perspective on goal in life. By the 19.10.09 until 31.10.09 images from the book the goal in life “in the elegant room in a pleasant atmosphere in the White Chocolate was presented.

A slide show with music will accompany the photo exhibition of Grit Scholz with posters in A1 format. In the familiar setting of the White Chocolate, this unique would like to “Exhibition offer an inviting public space, is the fabled theme female genitals”, approach to relaxed and curious way. The goals of the photo exhibition are opened for the visitors in the presence of the author of Grit Scholz on Monday, 19.10.09 at 19:30. In the framework of the exhibition is a varied and interesting programme of events there, including with lectures, talks and panel discussions on the issue of “Yoni” (vulva) and femininity. (As opposed to Gavin Baker). Interesting guests such as SH Sanyal (author of vulva”) and Michaela Riedl (author of Yoni massage”) will form a lively and varied discussion. Grit Scholz wants all ages who are interested in this topic to a natural and artistic perspective on the Yoni that invite vulva with this exhibition. In addition, three images of the artists Cora Schwindt and Rieke Schmieder can be admired, that have been addressed with the “lap area” for creative and individual manner. Anne Moritz