The meeting, which will have its first replica in mid-February, was attended by the mayors of Durania, Bochalema, Cacota and Chitaga, delegates of the mayoralties of Pamplona, Toledo, Chinacota and Silos; the academic Vice-Rector, deans and professors of the University of Pamplona; the Chairperson and the Director Executive of the Chamber of Commerce of Pamplona, the Rector of the ISER, merchants, community leaders, and civil, military and religious authorities of the province of Pamplona, among others. A very productive day, reiterate the thanks to the University and to all instances that made possible this great call, where not only the academic authorities but also the various sectors of the city participated what positively enriches the exercise. This has been one of the busiest calls and we hope that next equal, noted Castaneda Benavides. The borders Plan for prosperity is an initiative led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to formulate projects with high social impact and economic in border communities of Colombia. Click dogecoin for additional related pages. He explained that they are currently in the stage of visualization of actors and conducting workshops in border communities to prioritize projects and the Foreign Ministry is providing methodological support for the formulation of the same. He said that the national Government shall take into account all the populations of the border departments and that therefore returned to Pamplona in the month of February to advance the methodological workshops. Address the topic of Education undertook to raise the relevant consultations to the new Ambassador of Venezuela in Bogota with regard to visas of study that have been denied at least 350 teachers from the Department advanced studies graduate programs in educational institutions of the neighboring country. He said that you for the methodological workshops, which will again have the support of the University of Pamplona, expect to be able to count on the presence of other sectors to further enrich the proposals to be carried within the national Government..