Prepare an apartment for sale If you want to sell an apartment in St. Nobel Laureate in Economics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Petersburg, fast, flat, just like any other commodity, requires pre-sales. It includes a range of activities from design complete set of documents to the direct training of the housing and the "presentation" to the Buyer. It must be remembered that the seller gets used to his apartment and is therefore unable to objectively see its flaws and dignity. If you have entrusted to represent their interests competent real estate agent, he will be able to professionally evaluate your home and take care of everything. That is, will recommend how to emphasize the dignity of housing and correct deficiencies in order to quickly sell an apartment. An experienced agent – a guarantee of a successful sale of your apartment. So the first thing you need to choose a reliable real estate agency and meet with a specialist who will assist you in selling apartments.

Then follow his advice. Some tips for pre-sales are listed below: Trust your agent to follow its recommendations on pre-sales apartment. Be friendly and polite, do not bother to show your apartment specialist. It is very important not to interrupt the agent during the story. Professional real estate agent knows how to properly plan show apartment and is preparing for this in advance. Specialist knowledge and experience – the success of sales of apartments not impose the buyer information about the apartment, remember that all the good things about it tell your agent.