Free software 'not smoke' Program 'Do not smoke' – is an easy way to quit smoking for free! Attention to our daily lives is closed to the events of things things. Information space that surrounds us constantly rising rhythm of life forces man to adapt to it. Our body was not originally adapted to this kind of stress. Because of this, there are stresses and conflicts with his superiors at work and with family at home. Since quit smoking? As a distraction and stress, we resort to various methods, many of which are directly harmful to our health. Smoking and alcohol. Since they are originally alien factors and are dissonance with the organic human being. The program helps you quickly give up smoking, it is intended to replace smoking as a distraction and a gradual exclusion from the life of this bad habit, reduce internal dialogue as a means of self-serving one of the main reasons to encourage bad habits.

Action programs based on the abstraction of the second attention, constant self-tuning to the exemption from bad habit. The principle of the program is the result of a combination of modern methods of anger management, the impact of motivational factors and positive self-programming. The program "Do not smoke" – using certain color combinations, and pulsation frequency of color, relieves mental addiction to smoking. It is no secret that the most difficult part, when giving up smoking – it's not nicotine dependence, but a habit. When you smoke? – On the road to work – in the car, in traffic – in stressful situations – After eating and before eating can make a big list, but the problem is only one, than to take some free time to get rid of the habit of grasping a cigarette in stressful situations.

Remember your past, you do not always smoked. Previously, you managed without cigarettes, and why they are needed now. The answer is simple – a habit. The essence of the program "Do not smoke" – to eliminate in your minds the concept that in this situation need to smoke. The program frees you from the habit of dragging in his pocket for a pack of cigarettes. You begin to perceive any situation as well as the not smoker. There is an event – there is a reaction to the event and in the reaction space for No smoking.