Local comparison rent is no longer ruling, the Karlsruhe Federal Court has set higher limits for increases. Landlord must no longer look therefore for rent increases to the average of local comparison rents. This average is calculated from the lowest and the highest rent of a place. As the real estate portal myimmo.de reported, the increase of the rent can go after this judgment to the upper limit. This is also then right when an expert opinion has determined the comparison rent. In the case to be negotiated, a Saxon landlords wanted to enforce an increase in rent from 234 euros to 270.

Initially gave the landlord the Gorlitz District Court only limited right and insisted on the perception that rent increases at an average of comparable apartments have Orient. The German Federal Supreme Court disagreed with the: A rent can be increased up to the upper limit of the local comparison rents. Even if it is for the appropriate region no Rent prices should be and the comparison rent on the basis of an expert opinion was obtained. In many cities: who rent an apartment (www.myimmo.de/ guides/Encyclopaedia/apartment-rent) wants to, can be based on the rent index. So far, the same was true for rent increases. They were allowed to not exceed the comparison rent, if within a period of three years the rent already was raised to more than 20 percent.