To decrypt the real estate real estate listings real estate party is very renovierungs – and renovation. High costs will in addition to the price of the object to the buyer. “Residential complex with great development potential” who acquires a property, possibly for many years living on a construction site. “Bargains for quick” mostly a cipher for shopkeeper. The provider would like to build as selling pressure to finally get rid of the unloved object. And not at a bargain price! “Luxury redevelopment” basically suggests an expensive object. Sometimes the provider but also just trying to impose excessive prices. “Convenient location” real estate is located on a busy street. At worst in motorway or train station. It is to be expected so noise and fumes. Possibly it is even a social focal point. “Family-friendly neighborhood” where mostly large families live, so that it can go to during the day quite cheerfully. Nothing for older people who are looking for a quiet location. “Individual design of the apartment” problematic section of the apartment. Therefore rather unsuitable for the most interested. Another drawback: the property is later also difficult to sell due to the limited usability. “Habitat in the garden” can be sometimes a foul-smelling mud pond. But maybe something for hobby gardeners. “Experimental housing” finger away! No one wants to live permanently in an experiment. “Serious environment” many offices, law firms and offices located in the neighborhood. During the day, there are hardly any parking. From 18: 00, the great boredom often breaks out. “Only a few minutes ‘ drive from the city removed” mainly on the car is important. Obviously are little or no train and bus connections. “Teilrenoviert” may be that new radiators were installed. But that was then already. The buyer must still make the other (usually much larger) part of the renovation with incalculable costs “Environment with high recreational value”, the object is located in an area frequented by conserves. Much noise, no parking, no recovery possible! “Unobstructed view” that may apply today and tomorrow. But beware: “unspoilt” means not “unverbaubar”! “Location in unspoilt nature” where Fox and Hare to say good night. Long distances to work, poor transport links, poor infrastructure. The half day trip are shopping and visit to the doctor. Without a car a nightmare!