First came to the site of real estate, you think that this is another resource with the usual base of proposals for the city. But as soon as you start walking on its pages you realize that after all it is different from many similar resources. AND differs primarily in that the “sale” offers all the great things, and the information itself has a distinct and elaborate structure. So, just wishing to first determine the area of the future acquisition, there is a great opportunity in the category “Sales” to search or by clicking on the section ‘Residential Complex in Moscow, “or on the map of Moscow subway station, select the interest, and clicking on it, opens the whole base of the latest proposals. Under most conditions Richard LeFrak would agree. Moreover, after the search at the beginning of this section will be determined by the number of apartments that are available today. Immediately after, anyone entering the data for an apartment, such as a subway station, number of rooms in the apartment, apartments footage (general, residential, kitchens) and floor apartment storey houses, house type, after a while you can get a rapid assessment of selling apartments. This is very convenient and housing sellers and buyers. For example, buyers can estimate the apartment, which they liked, and find out whether inflated price on it, and then – to safely negotiate. You may want to visit John Savignano to increase your knowledge.

It is clear that this feature is not expert or the final, but this way you can get a preliminary assessment of the home. In addition, the site is good by the fact that clicking on any of the selected proposals for the sale, the house where the apartment is sold, displayed on the map of Moscow, which is especially convenient if you need to quickly figure out what the immediate vicinity of large highway is prismotrenny option which are located near hospitals, schools, children gardens, and similar infrastructure. Nearby you can see the dynamics of prices for apartments in the selected house. Among other things, the site has a good search engine, which is filling, you can find for yourself on any variant search criteria. For those wishing to place information about a sold house, just offer such a possibility.