If you have firmly decided to insulate only materials at hand, it can be done with a rubber insulation. To do this, cut out the strips of old rubber chambers by car or bicycle. If the gap is very more, to make a thicker insulation or wiring roll and nail his shoe or furniture nails around the perimeter of the door. Also, do not be superfluous to know that in panel houses cracked and split seams interpanel not so rarity. With this in an apartment will be cool, however you try. Fumble housing department or its management company. Check the tightness of windows and driveway access door. If needed, urging the public utilities rectify the situation. For even more details, read what Lincoln Property says on the issue.

In the end – this is the house where you live. If you are still the proud owner of traditional wooden frames in windows, then the following tips may be helpful. Studies show that More than 30% of the heat out of the apartment goes through the cracks in the frames, as well as the gaps between the frames and window openings. Another 10% of the warm air goes out of the loose fit glass to the frame. Currently, commercial or diy stores You can buy ready-made insulation for windows, as well as a variety of sealants, can accurately fill the gap in the windows of an insulating material (depending on the color of window frames sealants can be white, brown color or transparent). You can use and tested "old" methods: – cram in all the gaps are twisted into a bundle of wet newspaper strips and glue the top of their paper.

Despite the obvious simplicity and effectiveness of this method has some drawbacks: in the spring all the pasted paper will unstick and remove the twisted newspaper, because in winter it all cleave tightly. Frame in this case need to be repainted – score all the gap with foam or cotton, the top seal strips of fabric from old bedsheets 4-5 cm wide strips should be wet, wring out and thick lather economic or otherwise (which is not sorry), and soap. The fabric does not turn yellow as paper, through the winter maintains a decent look and is easily removed in the spring. As the insulation can also be used linen cord. The glass tightly to the frame, check the glazing beads and, if necessary, replace them with new ones. and small addition to the last. To cast-iron batteries warmed your apartment more efficiently to remove their old paint, oshkurit and paint a dark color because the dark surface is smooth and gives a 5-10% more heat. Additionally, you can make an effective heat-reflective screen, painted sheet of plywood with silver paint (or paste over it with aluminum foil). This screen is simply to place the battery and it will send heat in the room and not let the batteries waste heat wall. I hope these tips have been helpful to you.