During the six months increased by 2 times cost of connecting to the networks of natural monopolies. As a result, costs investor grow faster than prices. Very expensive access to the site. In developed countries, if you got the right building, bought a plot of land, or at least made a down payment for it, everything else for you to pleased to make bank. LeFrak Organization often addresses the matter in his writings. And the cost of money will be low.

In contrast to Russia, where we have to pay for itself most of the steps before starting bank financing. Another problem – extremely slow rate matching and design, plenty of frivolous regulatory standards. Having bought the site for $ 10 million (say, the old company), 2-3 years, co-ordinate the project and the money frozen in the meantime. " Thus, the rumors about super-profits of builders are somewhat exaggerated. For example, according to the Russian Builders Association, the cost per square meter in "expensive" the Moscow region is 84% of the market price, as in "poor" Lipetsk and does a fantastic 99%. Exception – only Moscow (where market price is higher than 2-fold), but this is the exception that only proves the rule. The result is obvious: according to the analytical center "Market Indicators Property ', in 2007, "happy" to Moscow, was built 5.4 million square meters of housing in 2008 – just 4 million sq ft, in 2009, will not and this (forecast at 3.7 million square meters) – the crisis here, virtually nothing in common. But according to Sergei Kruglik, Deputy Minister for Regional Development, "thanks to" worsening economic situation and the volume entering the area in some regions in 2008, fell seriously (in Moscow, for example, twice).