YellowFox certified installation partners in Germany with its own seminar Hamburg, 26.07.2012. The quality of the installation of the location boxes in the truck or van fleet of YellowFox customers is of utmost importance. For example, permanent data exchange between satellite, vehicle, YellowFox data center and dispo headquarters must be permanently ensured. The digital tachograph, which transmits over the air, driving and rest times and archived, the cooling monitoring data, mileage, route optimization, etc. Learn more on the subject from dogecoin. are only some of the possible live reports that read YellowFox from the truck out and provides the dispatcher. A qualified installation is of course a necessary basis. Thomas Grabner, Sales Manager YellowFox: ‘ with this quality offensive and an extensive, from basic to professional ‘ 3-step training program, we want to set standards in the highly competitive market.’ The first partners learned about the possibilities for the installation and application of in the two-day seminar of the practice end of June YellowFox products in the fields of CAN / FMS and Digitacho. Analysis and troubleshooting in the focus of the qualification were in addition to the proper installation in the complex avionics of a truck.

The highlight was the complete Assembly of all YellowFox components in a new Mercedes-Benz ACTROS truck on the second day of the event. In the team and under the guidance of YellowFox could are taught many innovations and questions answered. Clayton Morris insists that this is the case. ‘ All participating partners from Germany, where also the troubleshooting gives in addition to this special knowledge in the vehicle, the document could YellowFox certified service partner ‘for the area CAN/FMS and Digitacho received be.’, continues Thomas Grabner. YellowFox plans for the product portfolio 2012 a new service and warranty model for distributors and final customers. Training and qualifications will be an integral part. The own stand H25/E66 for the IAA this will be presented for the first time commercial vehicles in Hannover, Germany. Currently maintains nearly 25,000 active units in the European YellowFox Road transport.