How to optimize the training and competition performance? Sports nutrition is very important in addition to the training for athletes and bodybuilders. Nutrition, sports medicine and sports scientists are researching mid way an optimisation of the nutrition. Every year many advice and recommendations are pronounced. But also the Sports trainer and nutritionist empirically developed recommendations. First, the athletes or bodybuilders should understand that must be not only trained for the muscle growth. The diet plays a big role. Sports nutrition improve the training and race performances.

Furthermore, the lively nation is supported after the load. The dosage should be, depends by the athletes or its regarding needs. More precisely: nutritional energy composition content of vitamins minerals trace elements fluid balance content of dietary fiber. Furthermore the stages where the athlete is located a large role play. Distinction is made between the following phases: training and the following factors also play a role with regard to nutrition build-up phase before competition phase competition day regeneration phase: type of sports load age of the athlete’s sports nutrition also plays an important role in terms of bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders like to forget that it arrives at the muscle building not only a thoughtful and intense training, but also on the diet.

The athletes forget that the major contribution to noticeable strength gains and muscle development especially in the diet is. A new study to follow 70% of muscle growth in the effective diet can be attributed. As mentioned above the diet should be individually tailored to the athletes. This can prove that the sports nutrition is twice as important as the actual training.